Suggestion for Weapons and Weapon Cosmetics

New weapons related to the equipment utilized by the machines on both sides. For example, a .32ACP SMG that was ripped from a prototype runner and altered for human use. Or a Hunter’s blade being used as a pike/spear/sword of sorts. Some of the larger weapons would have to be deployable/base defenses due their size/recoil. But if the player wants to wield the Northern Firebirds’ auto cannon, they could be flung back a bit each shot or so. (could even lead to some weapon mastery, allowing the player to better control/utilize their arsenal)

Weapon customization to make 1-5C firearms and melee have a unique look besides the paint. Maybe some trophy pieces from a rival kill, or just a bunch of scrap parts placed upon it that ‘serve a purpose’ for the player. Just something to make the weapon feel like one’s own, instead of a random drop from a dead body/machine. Possibly also transference of lower/higher tier base weapon stocks, barrels, or sights to make an oddity gun. One that either mashes all the tiers of a weapon type, or utilizes altered parts of other weapon types. Like a .270 AG4 with PvG iron sights or something. (just don’t restrict this to just vanilla weapons, but allow dlc weapons this level of customization)

(thank you for reading)

the new video shows some interesting weapons skins :grinning:

Available on tomorrow, 11am.

her hair color :slightly_smiling_face: match some of the weapon skins, at least the rocket launcher

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In regards to usable machine weapons, I’d be most excited to get my hands on the Runner’s shotgun. If you take a good look at it, it’s a modified version of the Sjoqvist (Sjogren) semi-automatic you can get, with a modernized twist. Instead of feeding from a simple tube magazine, as the original weapon the player can already get does, the Runner’s version seems to use a helical drum magazine, which would have considerably higher capacity—and which would probably be detachable, for quick reloading by just swapping to a fresh, full one.

It’s like they took the Sjogren and the M1216 and cross-bred them to create an old-new monster…and a new shotgun is something that would be an interesting addition, more than some other things.