[SUGGESTION]"Planet" "underdroidelated"?


Don’t get me wrong, I love the game!
Now that this is out of the way:
I find there are not enough droids around.
Sometimes I run through areas wondering if there even were bots, that all I had endured was just a big bad dream.
These silent parts in the world are too big.
It’s nice if you can catch your breath for a second, but…
There it just ends: There needs to be a new threat soon, and these… are not there…


Thank you.


After the patch and the few hot-fixes, I find the world even more “underdroidelated” than before.
I did a run from Kallebi to Torsbergera, only encountering 12 or 13 machines.

The game should be CRAWLING with machines, especially, if we take the story into mind: a whole part of Sweden erased by machines.

This cannot be done by the few I (or we) encounter.

Please add a billion or so spawn points?

Thank you.


You are right. I have not seen a single android in this game yet.


Agreed. I think that in addition to bots being at major points like cities and quest locations there should be just random bots roaming around the forests and streets, making traveling through the forests much harder, and running through the streets a strategic disadvantage due to the low cover you receive, and the cover that the bots would receive.


Some patrol so not in 1 place at any time , also destroying beacons brings the numbers down , and too add what would be the point in destroying robots too find that you walk round the corner and they spawn back , so i agree ADD more robots in places BUT no Spawning points .


@TherotcoD well, you cannot have one without the other.
If you want bots, you need spawn points.
They can roam from there.

No spawn point = no bots.


A difficulty setting based on numbers not strength maybe , but having robots spawn where you just clearerd out would be a waste of time .


7days to die , although 7 days was flawed , they did have an option to change how many enemy would be present at the start of game , a spawn point from a robot factory area ? , . Inabit its caffeine time …


Hmmm, I do get you, know.
Can I ask you a question, brother?
Why would you like to remove respawn?

Let me clarify the reason for my question:
In this game, the entire island was eradicated of all but bird life.
Logically, this was not done by say 20 machines, but by hundreds, if not thousands, of machines.
Do you agree?

Now, to some, the planet just does not have the amounts of machines to support this.
Respawn for one helps, in such a way, that these machines could have wandered in, if not SENT in (to investigate, find culprit, seek and destroy (YOU being the culprit here)).
It helps to many to give the idea, there are enough machines, to have the isle eradicated of all land life.

So: why, to you, should this not be?

Thank you for responding.


Okay you got mr , i don’t like same old respawn scenario like many games you and i have played , this game is not the usual respawn type , so if they can keep the atmosphere of the droids coming from factory’s or shipping containers etc’ then they kept there word , thats why i bought game brother because of a live stream months before Release day spoke about this respawn subject , i Totally agree it could do with being more populated and the Devs said in last letter to community about EndGame stuff after Bug fix is done . - all being said mr if they wanna please everybody it would only be a setting they might add at some stage , thanks for your well thought out question hope the DEVS read your posts because it is sometimes just us trees and silent birds which i shoot with shotty because theres no damn robots around :rofl: lol an all that … Cheers @Xogroroth


Well, yes, game is FAR too empty.
ESPECIALLY, seeing WE are the hunted, not the way around.
I miss feeling this, being hunted, being in CONSTANT danger.

Someone said: “Well, that is so you can catch your breath.”
But let’s be honest…
What machine would care for your breath?
What machine would even THINK of allowing to to wind down for even the smallest of moments?

Thank you, brother.


Just an overall increase in dog patrols and having dogs patrol across large forest areas (like a 5km long patrol path so it feels random) would help here


Well, dogs for sure, but further on: Hunters, and tanks.

Also, IMHO, aggression should be upped a lot.
Often I run into a pack of mechs, and… they stare at me for several seconds.
Seeing the Mechs erased (literally: I think they are man-eating machines, considering the lack of bodies compared to the once population :S ) all ground life, these should be extremely aggressive.
Quite bloody literal: Even if they THINK they saw movement of hear a twig break 10 miles away (hyperbole) they should be like instant "MAIM, KILL, DESTROY (, eat???).

These machines were let loose on the island, with only one command: “Find Earth-walking life forms and eradicate.”
Nothing fancy, just that.
They are equipped with a plethora of sensors: Visual Sensors (and IMHO, these should only have ONE type of visual sensor, and not 6 different types, this being it the “Full Vision Sensor”. The reason these are in GZ, would by all military logic means ALL machines are equipped with these, and should be running ALL modes simultaneously, converting the different inputs into one whole picture), sonic sensors, maybe even vibration and movement sensors (if these exist in the GZ realm).
These work 28/24, 11/7, and should get a fix on you some time before you see them (NOT saying HEAR them, OUR hearing should still be the first form of detection and identification).

Right now, we ACTUALLY hunt machines (FNIX tanks mostly for their goodies), but THAT is just 1000% WRONG, and contradictive to the game’s first intention.
It should be US, PLAYERS, being hunted by machines, NOT the way around as it is now.
Machines form “no threat”, and this truly is paradoxical to the game’s original intention.

I believe, it was @larz, that said: “That is to give you a break, to let you catch your breath.”
Well, I can promise you one thing: In reality, the machines do not care for your breath, or you needing a break.
Machines are relentless: you give them an order, and this will be carried out, no matter how or what.
If one machine is told to kill you, but his creator is inbetween you and the machine?
It will simply go through his creator.
Just because, it is told to.
It has no emotion, it needs no rest or food, there’s only ONE thing: completing goal set.
And just this, is what the game, for one, lacks.
Sure, further up North, you might trip over something that triggers a mini army, and dang, pleasure ensured right then!
But this, this should virtually be a CONSTANT, not an event every 20 minutes!!!
Just because THE STORY, the game’s intention.

Ticks, these “annoying, jumping bastards”, are, IMHO, a total fail.
They jump at you, but not much, if anything happens.
And after x time, they go boom.
Why aren’t they running grenades???
They explode, why not turning that explosion into a danger for Earth-walker-life-forms?
THAT would be so frikken military right there, but no…
Shame… such a waste of beautiful potential.

On top, Hunters (and the name informs you there already) have this gorgeous tendency to follow you, at least for a while.
Why don’t doggies do that?
These, in combination with the Hunters, should be hunting you into oblivion, never letting go, keeping snapping at your heels at every step, until:
a) You are very much a little extremely dead.
b) You managed to kill the lot.
But the latter should be bloody hard.
I mean, let us be honest… humans simply are an inferior, annoying little pest compared to machines, right?
At least, when you compare abilities.

But… that’s just me, a simple opinion, I HOPE it is well-motivated nonetheless, but it is nothing more than that: an opinion from a very opinionated Krusty Belgian ex-military. :slight_smile:


Yep they eat now , the Chinese scientist’s Robot’s now use bodies for fuel , oh dear ’ Flash bang , an Runnnnnnnnnnnn… Heres joe rogan on youtube showing them , https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TQogLF6boo


Too make things more realistic, if you were to go out in real life and destroy bots they would stay dead not respawn and there would be a point where you have destroyed all bots… This is how the game should be although I agree more anemies no respawn points . They should stay dead once killed


Well, the issue here is: you need them for various reasons to respawn.
You HAVE a point.
But, we cannot loose the fact: it’s still a game, not a Sim…


Ok then what if the respawn points were hidden facilities located hidden through the map that is like an assembly line making these robots and in a future dlc or update that is a mission to take them out and destroy the facilities that would fix the need to just throw in more bots and give us fun content at the same time…?


Now this idea would be super neat. I can understand the want for respawns. Otherwise the world would be cleared and the game would get pointless.
But I think the idea of having the bunkers be manufacturing plants would be phenomenal. How cool would that be to get to a spot for a major boss battle to clear a mfg bunker!

Awesome idea


@Kmoney059 @DelphiRogue
If you did Beachhead, then you saw the machines were dropped on shore.
They did not come from inland…

Although i would love to see an assembly plant, it would not fit in the story, if placed on our island?


Honestly me and my friend encounter more issues wondering than we do in major named locations. Hunter patrols and harvester squads always end up either in the way, or coming up behind us.

And if course the occasional one or two wandering tanks that just f*ck everything up.