Suggestion: Unique Weapon Skins

As you may know, I think that the game has a shortage of worthwhile rewards. The game basically has guns and accessories for the guns and that’s pretty much it.
Well, what if we could change things up a bit, to give players the ability to find stuff that feels more rewarding and special.

What I’m thinking of is the ability to find variants of the already existing ones that look visually different and have perks. What I’m talking about is, from an artistic perspective, nothing but alternate textures. Let’s take the AG4 as an example.

Sticker: IRL, some of the AK4’s had a black sticker with a ballistics chart on it. By equipping it in-game, you deal increased damage at long range.
Gentleman’s: Has a wood stock, pistol grip and foregrip. All adjacent players will earn more XP while this weapon is equipped
Camouflage: Late production AK4’s had the same olive drab paint as the later AK5 would have. This naturally makes it more difficult for machines to see you.

This principle could potentially be applied to all weapons in the game, although some skin-weapon combos could be odd, like pistols with ballistic stickers.

What are your thoughts on this?

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