Weapon reskins customization


I was thinking it would be very cool to be able to change the colour and the overall skin of the weapons to personalize them a bit more just as we do with the character. At least on the top star weapons (because the dilapidated and worn weapons need to have the rusty look on them). Anyone else would like that feature?

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Suggestion: Unique Weapon Skins

GZ isn’t Rust or CS:GO where weapon skins are big part of the game and i’d hate to see GZ to turn into one of such games as well.


Just because those games have that feature it doesnt mean that adding that feature will turn GZ into those games. But for a game who is very much about collecting vanity items and fully personalizing the look of the character I just thought it would have made sense to customize the weapons too. You can even customize the colour of your bicycle!


In 80’s Sweden, i know of no instance when riflemen painted their guns to feel more personal with their firearm. Since devs are keeping weaponry true to that time period and location, i don’t see weapon skins happening.

Also, weapon skins are for small children who like bright colors and silly patterns on their toys. Last i checked, GZ has age rating of 12 and up.

Btw, you can not customize the color of the bike. You can only choose from the three predefined colors available. It’s not like you can take a bike and paint it pink.


I dont know what guns look like in CS GO, I dont play that game. I was thinking more like the bicycles or the military helmets (that also come in several colours) to have the posibility to choose if your rifle is green, silver, or black, or with a wooden handle, etc. I dont know what you said about bright colours and silly patterns and I dont understand why you rant so much about age, just chill dude. Im 35, does it matter in any way to you?


I don’t see the need to customize the color/skin of already good looking weapons.

As far as military gear goes, there’s a reason why there are woodland camo, desert camo, dazzle etc types in existence. Weapons, in the most part, have their factory coating on them, unless weapon is worn with rust or is used by special operations and even then, weapon isn’t painted but instead covered with ghillie camo.

Here's an example of green shotgun, among others

Source game: Fortnite


Maybe this comes down to what the atmosphere is worth. If the game is a social hangout like fortnite or CSGO then I can see novelty skins coming in. And by skin I mean model, not like a skin.

The tricky thing about adding features is making them appropriate and fitting for the tone of the game or project you’re in. It’s a hard job.


Yeah I personally hate fortnite and those kind of games, I find them silly haha. Thats definitely not what I was suggesting

If we really look into it the game already has different “models” or “skins” for the same weapons, since the experimentals and the special ones are a different colour. I also found that the Kpiest is greener when is 4 stars than the 3 stars that looks more gray for example. It would be nice to have some new variations, even if its not directly customizable on the weapon, just adds to the variety and encourages weapon hunting.


I agree, it’s hard to fit the script with this demand. Maybe dazzle skins for your weaponry wouldn’t be bad but I wouldn’t go all out. It’s a survival based game, while partial fashion. But I would primary survival over fashion myself.


Its not really survival either, I did suggest to add some feature to make looting houses worthwile, like finding food or stuff that heals you, but the community didn’t like it.

Some answers were that houses are useful for hiding, so far I havent needed to fight hiding, I find it easier to run while I fight. So houses are still useless to me


It’s survival based regardless of the lack of firepower of the machines to make it survivable. It would be neat to see them change it up but priorities come first to making the game a masterpiece. I personally love the game but it could always be better. Trial and error. I’m content for the most part, perhaps they’ll add more later.


Oh definitely. I love the game as it is, I just played through most of its content so far, and I find it really easy now that I learned the basic mechanics. So I hope more DLCs keep coming cause I am ready to give my money for more challenges and new features


I agree entirely with you @drimaxus.



Why TF do people spend money on this?


If they did implement visual customization they should keep it to simple colour changes or stickers you can slap on the weapon. They should probably not go the paid route, as you could come across stickers and paint in the world by looting houses and robots.

I don’t want them to go over-the-top on it. Again, keep it realistic.

I would like a camouflage sticker on my Augusture* hunting rifle though, could add some personality. :slight_smile:

*Probably spelt wrong


Ghillie camouflage could be a cooler alternative to paint and stickers, as it would fit in more with the realistic tone of the game.


Fwiw, an älgstudsare is a studsare for älg. A hunting rifle for elk / moose.


Agree 100% & will never understand why people want to make every game they play exactly the same. I see it all the time in this forum this & that game does/has why can’t we… Inventory like Fallout, Crafting like (insert game here), Driving vehicles like is (insert game here), Base building/Easy mode for single player/Melee weapons/Modern laser sights…etc. I like the guerilla action always on the move, inventory restricted, 1980’s feel of this game myself & see no reason why it should become a carbon copy of so many other games on the market…Will add there are some good ideas in this thread that do not involve Fortnite like skins/stickers that could keep with the games feel…But sadly it looks like my opinions are in the minority camp here in the forums…


Sorry I’m not a gun expert. I wish I was, but I was born in Canada. :slight_smile:

And the only firearm I’ve ever laid my hands on is my family’s heirloom which is a modified single shot bolt-action rifle. It was my great grandfather’s. He apparently used it after the 1916 uprising in Ireland, and I can very well assume what it was used for, as it has three notches on the rifle butt.

Not sure what caliber, but I assume he cast his own ammunition for it.

Thanks for the info though, you learn something every day! :wink:


Oh, I was just helping with the Swedish. If you can read a little bit I think it can help.
I’m not a gun expert either, and only really met guns I probably shouldn’t.