Suggestions for the game2

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So I’ve been playing since Day 1. This game has been great IMO with very little that pushed myself away. But I am one player out of thousands. Here are some suggestions that I’ve seen alot of players want. And yes i understand that making a game takes time and I do appreciate all the time the team has put into the game.

  1. More meds: In a evacuation situation where the military is attempting to EVAC civis and themselves youd think they would have a CCP for people wounded by the robots/ wounded in the panic of fleeing. As well as, youd figure a military base medical wing would have meds, instead I’m running around clutching my last bandage praying to find something because Epi ran out last week.
  2. Difficulty Slider (Lock to that charachter): When making a new person a slider could be nice to choose a difficulty, between maybe… Easy, hard, survival, creative. Heres what each would roughly entail.
    Easy-Plenty of loot. Not as many tanks and harvesters. Bullets do twice the amount of damage. Ammo can stack up to 1k

Survival- as is, more medical needs to be added though

Creative?-be able to spawn robots and weapons to test stuff

Hard- resources are scarce. For the ones who like a challenge

  1. Splitable stacks: So far when i play with friends we try to share loot especially meds and ammo so we can all fight on a level field. But I have yet to see a way to split stacks to make this better.
  2. Ai clipping: I’m not sure how youd fix this, but being shot by a hunter shoving his arm through a wall is not cool.
  3. Maybe edit the loot tables if possible to have it be kinda Dayz style. Where you find better loot the further on the island you go.
  4. Explosives need a reweak, I know you guys just did but I put 6 explosive tanks at the feet of a harvester and shot 2 rockets and that still didn’t kill it? (Btw, i have the perk that should make explosives more potent.)
  5. Bethesda style ‘waiting’: Maybe go to a safehouse and sleep in a bedroll to skip time, because not everyone likes fighting at night/day

These are just some of the things i see alot of people (And myself) Complaining about. Just some suggestions, i dont expect these things to happen. And especially because you cant make everyone happy.


Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions, and for moving your post to this section :slight_smile:

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they would have to make it so people could not make a character on easy to farm loot and pass it off to themselves or friends on a harder setting

creative mode could be fun, you gave me an idea Creative Mode:Build a Bunker