Suggestions (Prone to Edit)

Just in game, first thing I noticed, the machine inventory interaction.
Before ANYTHING, LOVE what you did with the Inventory GUI, it is MARVELLOUS!!!
Thank you.
That aside:
Having to press esc to leave inventory.
Right click in inv. would be just awesome to quick-exit Inv/Machine Inv.
Actually… right click in whatever menu should be equal to 1 Esc press?


I am in the Hard Mode.
Ran into a Runner and a Hunter around Stenhaga (the first Hunter you come across).
The Runner fairly swiftly engaged me, that Hunter though… stood there… happily… as I was Mollering it down with HP ammo…
Seems… broken…?

You know… if you press E again when you have the small loot transfer pop-up open, the entire amount is transferred, without you needing to click on the “Transfer” button with your mouse.

Also, from another topic:

Or you can press the same key again that opens the inventory for you.

I’ve binded my open inventory command to X. One press of X and inventory opens up. When i press X again, inventory closes.

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As for escape, it would be sweet if that could be doubled by right mouse…
1 click = 1 step back?

The double “E” then, my God, thank you so much, miss!!! :slight_smile:

EDITED original post, as no longer important, thanks to miss @Aesyle.