Survival Mode (OPTIONAL)


As most know, I am a tad… ummm… intense, maybe… extreme… VERY probably…

We now have this hard mode called Guerilla, where machines have even more armour and life slapped on (Bullet Sponginess), and increased damage.
While sure, it drags a battle even further out, and thus DOES have an increase in difficulty… it does not really.
Not sure if you can get what I try to say here, but that is how I feel it.

Dragging out fights this way, to me, is not actually a more difficult setting, more a form of increased, shall I say, boredom?
Mind, English is not my prime language.

What I would like to suggest, and mind, numbers thrown around are suggestions, nothing more, are a few changes in various ways.
Also, the suggested mode would NOT be a ‘forced upon all players’ change, but a new, optional game difficulty mode on itself.

When I point to survival, I do not mean need for food, liquid and sleep, for one, but alterations in game and machine AI.


  1. Machine responsiveness: Machines right now either respond fat too slow to being under threat, or do not respond at all. I would like to increase this to have nigh immediate response. In fact, machines should basically be able to detect you before you detect them. Note: should.

  2. Machine Aggression Range: Right now, when you engage them beyond their detection/aggression range, they fail to react. Increasing this to say 300M (given of course they have for instance Line of Sight, and holding in consideration that one is sneaking, or has active sneak skills, or has sneak supporting clothing (whenever that gets fixed, that is). A machine seeing you through a hill, or hearing you when you’re very silent, would not be OK. So adding realism in this regard would be darn sweet.

  3. Machine Action: Machines know no fear, and should basically follow you until they either terminated you, or the machine died/failed. Note here: a machine would be able to make a tactical withdrawal to get fixed up or get support, but should then return to battle. Right now I have encountered (in FR) that machines dare run of to disappear. I DO need to say, only one so far did this (a shotgun Runner, military class), but as I have reported this issue way back, and encountering this in FR, makes me think this issue is still around. Also note, while it should always try to follow you into a building, taking in account, it can, size wise, and safe houses should not be among these buildings. A safe house should be just that: safe, a spot to withdraw, rest up, in safety.

  4. Where Machines became tougher, the suggested Survival Mode should not need these buffed machines. Their increased reaction time, increased detection/aggression range and determination would be FAR more threatening than their current Guerilla state. While it is not meant they should be able to be one-shotted, no matter the weapon, they would not need to be the bullet sponges they are, right now. IF we were to keep this sponginess… machines would be godlike, and that is NOT the idea for what I am suggesting here. I will post a simplified idea below. Thus, machines should be made weaker in toughness and life, while their AI would be increased decently.
    The simplified suggestion:
    => Proto Tick can be one shotted.
    => Proto Runner needs 2 bullets.
    => Proto Hunter needs 4-5 bullets.
    => Proto Tank/Harvey needs 8/10 bullets.
    Military class needs 10-15% more resistance (based on Proto class).
    FNIX class needs 15-20% more resistance (based on Proto class).
    Apoc class 20-30% more resistance (based on Proto class).

Note that a Proto Class could be less effective (which I would suggest) in detection and maybe aggro range, possibly even in aim ability.
This should increase per class if implemented, where for example the Proto class would be 60% of the effectiveness, Mil class 70%, FNIX class 80 and Apoc class 90% effective in mentioned abilities.

GAME AI: Machines should be able to actually use the terrain, as well as we players do.
This means: they should be able to think logically (IE: not stand prone in one spot, use cover, use tactics such as flanking and rear assault, “sneaking” where applicable (A tank would be slightly less proficient in sneaking around than a runner, I think? lol), and use means, if you have been detected, to make a tactical plan to get you (circling the prey (you), or await you in a bush if you head it’s way (thus ambushing), things like this).
Considering these (even the Proto’s) are still MILITARY machines, they should be at least base tactical and proficient, no?

Additional OPTIONAL tweaks: Hunger, thirst, fatigue.
Though, that last one should be only applicable in SOLO mode, due to the issues for bringing additional players in sync.
Not everyone would appreciate it if they had to wait for you when you go to rest, while in solo mode, you resting would be mere game clock adjustment.
To keep everyone synced, this game clock adjustment would not work, therefore you have to rest in real time.
IF of course implemented.
Other survival options could be brought in, such as injury systems, or paralyse systems.

One could, given IF people like this idea, and/or Avalanche/GZ implements this, even make a normal and a Guerilla mode in this new game mode.

Also, IF liked and/or implemented: amount of machines should increase per player added (thus game scaling).
Further more: IF liked and/or implemented: if they add “companions”, the game should also scale up in difficulty.

This is a base idea.
If you like it, good.
If you do not like it: good. BUT please tell us WHY.
If you have ideas, or would like to see an alteration on my proposal, tell us, but also motivate the why.

Placed in Discussion as I aim this to be that: a discussion.
If people prefer this rather than to dislike it, I will ask for this discussion to be moved to suggestions.
Here I can alter the whole based on the input, which is the second reason it is placed here.
Once we have a final, completed idea, it is better to be placed under suggestions.
If shot down, well… no need to suggest it, right? :wink:

I will be grateful to those participating, whether you like it or not.
Thank you in advance, people. :slight_smile:

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