Swedish national day event

Never have I ever gotten so much experimental clothing before. Gonna grind this event out as much as possible though.

First one apocalypse tank rival 4 from dlc island. Think the map score was the highest in my session as well. I dont remember the numbers on that.

And second one from an tank in the north region close to the windmills. Apocalypse tank rival lvl 4 as well so i think its like tene says but only 3 fireworks boxes for now they are werry rare for me i ges =P and epererimental cloths as well but only the ones i have current so no new there =)

Does anyone know what the new firework boxes do?

They act both as long range lure (e.g radio) and confusion for machines (e.g fireworks).

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Apo and FNIX tanks didnt drop a exp kvm for me (I got one before the national day event already), and I killed a few today of them, but I got my 2nd exp kvm from a fnix harvester rival. Btw. the apo rivals rarly dropping anything weaponish, while the fnix rival tanks were nearly 100 drop rate of at least a golden and sometimes a exp weapon. So I go for best to hunt it is by not farming apo tanks, keep farming rival fnix harvesters and tanks.

Continuing the discussion from May Update Now Live!: I haven’t played gen zero since the update of machine behavior but I notice the event for getting the exp kvn is back. If the hunters can harvesters can kill spamming weapons I guess I won’t have my first exp kvn weapon then. I do like the game the Easter eggs in himfall was good but the balancing for people that got the game late and for newer players was so not fair. I know with the whole pandemic going on, it is difficult to do patches and all so I am being patient and playing Other games. Those people that keep playing the game and complain, developers have heard us loud and clear. We have two choices, keep playing or stop playing and wait for the patch. Now I also want to say yes it is difficult in these times to make the patch due to COVID-19 but hey I am still going to work so it’s not impossible to get it done. We all need a vacation and time off sometimes so if that’s what the developers done, that’s fine but get back on the horse and make the game balance, especially for new players and then make a harder mode for experience players.

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Still not recovered this new weapon … I recover that the others that I already have in 3 times … sniper / rocket / the submachine gun in overload … and the rivals find it difficult to show themselves, I believe that they are afraid of me, seeing that the map is cleaned… :shushing_face:

I finally got mine in a MP session (after wiping my own map clean). It seems to me that my game forgot there are more exp weapons besides the shotgun and grenade launcher, I got 3 or 4 of each before the KVM showed up, I was starting to lose hope.

If anyone has an extra Experimental KVM 59 that needs a new home I’m willing to give it one. :smiley:
Only experimental I have found so far is a Klauche pistol.

Great Nice to see this event, what you say

I’ve been actually getting experimental weapons now!! gasp
Thanks devs!! :smile:

Haven’t seen a single experimental weapon so far in this event not even clothing. Plenty of fireworks though. But my luck has to turn around at some point.

I have been keeping break from the game, because everyone knows the bugs. Came back to check new KVM drop. Killed couple of rivals, all sorts. Nothing, just ended up wasting time and medkits for infinite rocket spam and got killed trough walls multiple times.

So got dozen(s) of harvester rivals left on my map, no experimental drop(s). Hunters i dont even bother because loot table is broken.

I have the weapon from first time it was available, so no need to really grind and get frustrated on grinding more of them.

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Just finished 3h session and after killing 4th rival, i got the 6* KVM59 from it (my 2nd what i’ve found).

Screenshot too

The first three rivals i killed were in my solo game and they were 2x hunters (lvl1, lvl4) and FNIX harv (lvl4). Joined my friends game and from the very 1st rival we took down, FNIX tank (lvl4), i got the weapon. Playing some more and from the next rival, Apo hunter (lvl4), another player in our session got 6* KVM59 as well. So… can’t say that 6* KVM 69 doesn’t drop.

Yes, experiences do differ but it’s more likely that people come to forums to complain that they didn’t get one rather than coming to forums to say they got one. And that, in turn, can create an image where chances of getting something are looking worse than it actually is.

Though, what i’m most happy about is that i finally got my experimental earpiece. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Also, every experimental clothing i found was the one that i already didn’t have, making me think if devs changed the experimental clothing drops as well, where you can only find what you already don’t have. :thinking:

This event was a trial in patience and misfortune.
After so many tanks and harvesters:

  • LOOOTS of ammo.
  • At least 6 bicycles Red and green.
  • 4 pieces of exp clothing, pants and eye piece.
  • 2 5-star weapons.
    Not a single exp weapon though I was gifted rocket launcher and a klauxe.
    Oh and I have multiple rivals on my game but no one joined, and unable to diagnose why.

After “cleaning up” my map and shooting lots of different Rivals (and often enough getting shot up by them…) I finally got my hands on two KVM EXPs, both dropping from Lvl4 Apoc Tank Rivals…

Imho the dropping rate was somewhat meh overall. Ok, some EXP clothing from different harvesters (mostly L4 Military & FNIX) and Tanks (also L4 Mil & FNIX) down to absolutely nothing from Hunters (from L1-L4 Proto, Mil, FNIX & APOC, mostly L4 Mil & FNIX).
Even the ammo drop from Hunter Rivals was/is somewhat meh, imho that should be at least the double amount when nothing else drops…

Some other things to mention:

  • nearly no medpacks were dropped by any type of machine

  • looottts of fabric and sewing thread in boxes and backpacks where there should be more medpacks imho

  • I absolutely started to hate Harvesters, especially MIL & FNIX for their frickin’ neverending rocket barrage and the spawned in Hunters. The Military ones seemingly always as a pair one carrying a gas mortar and the other one a concussion rifle. #1 gasses you out and #2 shoots you through walls… + “Mommy” Harvester letting rockets rain from above… (the same applies to #2 type FNIX Hunters…)

  • worst thing to do: fast travelling to ANL188(?) Farela to kill a Harvester Rival… I guess I killed about 4 Harvesters, countless Hunters and finally left the scene back to the menu after a good hour, because there was not the slightest chance to loot the dead robots. I took a look outside and there were at least another 5 or 6 Harvesters waiting and a countless bunch of Hunters above and around the bunker, endlessly releasing Ticks…

To do list:

  • find some 5* compensators for the KVMs… (any tips ? L4 APOC Tanks ?)

P.S.: on a sidenote… I could swear I picked up a crafting recipe for a simple medpack but I can’t find it in my inventory ? Maybe it’s not really implemented by now ? Or was this just wishful thinking ?

I could swear I’ve read simple medpack when I picked it up…

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Did another ~3h session today morning. Joined random MP game and from the very first rival we took down, FNIX harv (lvl4), i got another 6* KVM59 (my 3rd what i’ve found so far).

Another screen

We continued on to take out other 3 rivals host had and from those, i got experimental clothing, which i don’t mind. Also, in my solo game, i’ve found around 6-8 firework boxes which are effective when dealing with several machines at once.

Yes, Apo tank. Though, it doesn’t have to be a rival. It can be normal one as well.

Screenshot or it didn’t happen. :smiley:
Also, from where you supposedly picked it up? From looting X machine? Inside some loot bag/box? Or laying on the ground? And what was the loc?

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