Sync Bug in Multiplayer? (Enemies / Machines invisible / not visible for all players)

Platform: PC

Description: Was playing with a friend in Multiplayer. Suddenly he encountered a group of Apocalypse Runners. But those Runners were not visible for me. But I got damage from them. I was the Host of the Game and my friend joined me.

Steps To Reproduce: I don’t know how to reproduce it.

Images / Videos:
My view after the fight, there are no Runners visible.

My friends view. You can clearly see the runners.

Host or Client: I have been the Host.

Players in your game: 2

Specifications: An older system with an Intel i7 and a Nvidia 1060 6GB and 16GB of Ram.

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I’ve had this as well. My friend could see and hear a Tank, but there was no such thing for me, even though I was looking at the same spot they were.

I am replying here with the small hope that someone can fix this, since we are having the same issue. The main point of coop in this game is to fight enemies together. Please fix this. Thanks.