TAA ghosting artifacts

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i’ve noticed that this game has a big issue with TAA ghosting, specifically on dynamic objects like other player characters or enemies.
Since TAA is the best form of AA in this game i sadly have to accept this issue since FXAA is just not good enough for me on my 1080p Monitor and especially with the Specular Aliasing i’ve covered in another post which TAA helps to mitigate a little bit by just smoothing out the entire image.

This becomes a very bad issue when you have enemies in the far that suddenly look like they are moving when they are actually dead.

Here a little video on how that looks like:

Since i never dealt with TAA in in production i cannot give any advice other than this post i’ve found from Steve Karolewics that might be able to help in that regard in this game here too.

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I was wondering what that was. I always assumed it was some sort of visual effect. I also recall it did not always used to be like this, so I’m wondering now if it’s actually a bug.

I noticed this quite a while ago.

Don’t think it’s TAA related, because TAA was in GTZ since the beginning and it started some time after, although I did notice ghosting while moving with TAA on.

OK, scratch that. Disabling TAA eliminates this completely.

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