Tanks, hunters, and harvesters drop way to many ticks. Also please nerf the apocalypse class ticks

It seems like robots that can drop ticks, drop way to many and do not seem to have a limit. I’ve been in battles and have had 9 ticks running at me while fighting a single tank and it never stops. This is even more annoying when dealing with apocalypse class machines because the ticks give you poison damage. Speaking of apocalypse ticks, i feel like they should be nerfed because they do way to much damage. Maybe all poison damage should be reduced from 2 to 1 damage a second. All robots that drop ticks also need to have a limit based on the size of the robot. For example tanks should have maybe 12 ticks as well as harvester and hunters should have 6


I had a apocalypse tank drop 12 ticks at a time every 8 to 10 seconds. It never ran out of them so I can support the idea of limited ticks.


I can see a tick limit, that makes sense.

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I prefer things as they are since with endless amount of ticks spawned, it keeps you on your toes where you need to move around to avoid ticks, not be a sitting duck.

If ticks are that big of a threat, either take cover inside the building where ticks can’t reach you or shoot the tick pod off from the machine. No tick pod = no tick problem.
When i come across hunter/tank and i don’t have nowhere close to hide from ticks or doesn’t feel like running from ticks, 1st thing i take out is the tick pod.

Also, apo ticks are well balanced and i don’t see a reason to lower their damage. One apo tick attack charge, including it’s poison damage over time, deals 20HP worth of damage, and that without any skills towards more HP or better damage resistance.

If you are starting to limit the ammunition amount robots can have, you can easily mess up the entire game. 1st it’s the ticks amount, then comes the rockets/mortar amount (tanks/harvs/hunters/FNIX runners), after that, bullet amount. Resulting in a stage where machines can run out of ammo completely and what they have left are melee attacks.

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The argument makes sense, though. We have limited ammo, why don’t the robots.

Basic game design principles. That’s why. Generation Zero is not a simulation.

Edit: and I say that as someone who is really narked about the current state of ticks.

Sure. “This enemy drops ticks. Period.” I understand where that comes from, therefore feature request.

It’s the game balancing. Players can heal themselves at any given point - machines can’t. Same with reviving, players can revive themselves with a-shot (or Survival specialization once per combat) - machines can’t. So, at some aspect, machines need to have something that players can’t have, and why not with unlimited ammo.

If machines would have limited ammo then i expect that they also revive themselves within 5 seconds and also heal their HP back to max, just like players can do. Else-ways, i don’t see the ammo limit on machines happening.


Machines apparently - effectively - can call for backup. We can’t. I had many fight in the recent past where I suddenly got stormed. If I can call 10-20 player friends for aid, sure, why not?! :slight_smile:

Your turn.

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If you’re annoyed by ticks, then start by shooting the tick pods off the machines! It’s really forcing you to make a critical decision when fighting - shoot off weapons or tick pods first?
GZ is supposed to be difficult, so I think ticks work as intended.

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It is not about “as intended”, because clearly this word is about the intentions of someone else. :wink:

I’m not trying to start any rivalries here.
It just sounds to me that some people don’t know how to properly combat each type of enemy in this game. Try doing a youtube search for 'How To Take Down Tanks/Hunters/Harvesters Easily In Generation Zero (Tenebris Infinite does a great job at explaining this) I agree there should be a limit on how many ticks are released, since it’s not like the Bots that carry them are producing them on the fly. However. There is a simple and effective solution to dealing with ticks. Take out the tick pods these robots are carrying first.
As for the ticks themselves. It would be nice to have them a little less damage, since one can easily take a quarter of your health. As for the new breed, which I have deemed ‘Scorpions’, that infect you with poison should deplete your health slightly slower, and have it stack (speed up the effect/depletion of HP, if multiple Scorpions have stung you.

I think there should only be a maximum of 5-8 ticks released by larger foes active in a combat area at any given time so as not to unfairly overwhelm the player, i at one point had 20 ticks chasing me as a tank and several hunters were just dropping the little buggers non stop

I can see where you are coming from but for me i mostly target the guns rather than the tick pods. A good balance may be to reduce the amount of robots that have tick pods because it seems like most robots have them. also when you are fighting multiple robots its sometimes difficult to target the tick pods when you have to deal with other weapons being used by the robots

i agree that GZ should be hard but it can be annoying to target a tick pods when fighting tanks and you pretty much have to shoot off the 50cal on them because those guns do alot of damage compared to the ticks.

This should then be limited to how many of any kind of robot should come to the aid of their distressed comrade.
Playing alone it’s easy to become overwhelmed with 4 hunters and 2 Tanks and a pact of Dogs/Seekers. I’ve learned to adapt by taking cover in a building and then picking them off one-by-one. I like that thrill of being backed into a corner and fighting my way out, but I understand how this can be frustrating for some. If there is nowhere to take cover then I just do my best to stay mobile and mentally keep track of the enemy locations. Situation awareness.


In this scenario, it’s indeed a decent tactic to run the hell away, and pick some of them off from a distance, exactly as you describe! :+1:


Indeed. We can’t win them all and this game proves that time and time again. That’s another reason I like this game.

Only robot that can call for backup is Seeker. None of the other robots have the ability to call backup. And the reason why more e.g runners join the fight when you’re fighting e.g hunters, is because their hear the commotion and they come to investigate what’s going on. That isn’t “backup calling”.
Also, seekers are very easy to take out. Just put a bullet into it’s thruster and you’ll one-shot it, even the FNIX seeker.

Players are far more mobile than robots. You can hide inside buildings to take cover - robots can’t. Also, at Run Speed skill at lvl2, players can outrun every robot in game. Moreover, players can go to places where robots can’t. E.g you can ascend/descend steep slopes - robot’s can’t.

You seem to have illusions of grandeur.
If you’re present in almost every topic, it’s hard not to bump into you. And that’s it.

Actually, out of all robots, 22x of them (including all Ticks), or 18x of them (excluding all Ticks), only 7x robots carry tick pods. 7x out of 18x (or 22x) isn’t “most”. It’s not even half. And if you also consider that not all those 7x robots doesn’t use happily their tick pod, you can bring the number down to 5x. Meaning that in entire game, there are only 5x types of enemies who’s tick pod provides a threat.

Different robots require different tactics. Also, use your environment to help you out. GZ is not a “run and gun” game. If you run and gun, it’s very easy to get overwhelmed and you’ll drop like a fly.


I like you too, Aesyle. :grin:

That is effectively calling for backup, or coming for aid.

And with the recent update, backup often seems to come out of thin air. I was fighting a couple of runners, when a hunter came running from afar giving his characteristic roar. When I killed it and turned around (a matter of 2 sec with its jump attack), 2 other hunters were standing there, 5 m away. No sound, no approach, nothing. Just materialized.

That effectively is backup.

Now you again. :smiley: