Terminators in Generation Zero

Will the second part of “FNIX RISING” have this way?


While we wait for Fnix Terminators to be brought or not brought to the game…you can check the game Terminator Resistance, i had a lot of fun and nostalgia playing that game, it´s not perfect but it does the job.

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I think that they are working on it. But, I think they are trying to get permission as the iconic draw was too technologically possible that even their interpretation could have copyright violation potential.

And yes an homage by having one WOULD BE SOOO COOL!!!


Actually GZ made me think of The Terminator: Future Shock when I started playing it!


Played that one and liked it.:point_left:


Since November it has new free DLC.
But for now is only for the PC version :face_with_raised_eyebrow: .


Wait, what? Wich game? Wich DLC?

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Terminator Resistance…

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omg no, everyone talks about having terminator bots in Gen Z, NO it doesn’t match the technological advances of the time, the AI used for the terminator bots were way more advanced and the bots themselves were much more powerful.


This would not work in my opinion :joy: !

I already relate the game to terminator and stranger things.

Tho I would like a unique machine capable of opening doors, maybe not entirely humanoid but keeping the industrial look of FNIX.

I keep in mind the vacant bunkers and how unoccupied they are, it would be cool if they were full of machines fitting for such an environment.

Unpredictable and hopefully forceful in close quarters combat.


That would be cool. Personally I support the idea of terminators, but they probably would have to look different to match the game design.


James Cameron is an IP nazi so to speak. He ruthlessly enforces his copyright ownerships. I think it is something like 35k per license. Now typically, for attributions, parodies, easter eggs and such it is generally an OK letter. But to do the original justice which I think is the desire a proper license would be needed, but, here is the other kicker, there is not really been a high res rendering of a terminator either that I know of as far as model, animations, and such.

Plus to get two legal groups to talk to each other and get all the agreements hammered out can literally take a year or two.

Used as an easter egg, would a poster without a title but with a single cut-off humanoid metal skeleton arm be an infraction of copyright?

If enough variation was done on things it could fall under fair use. The problem comes into play when you have commercialized something as then profit motives come into play and the legal land mines get more complicated…

So, you can’t just make an original design? Like literally a bot with 2 arms and 2 legs that stands upright?


You must be able to explain that it is different to another design with a copyright. Idk if there is a copyright or something else on the design of the classic terminator.

The difficulty here is also founded in the Generation Zero titelmusic, which is really close at one part to the famous Terminator titelmusic.

Ah, I see. So it has to be an obvious enough difference.

It has to be significantly different. Cameron is a veritible ip nazi.

There is a terminator mode in Ghost recon breakpoint. It was a fun addition.
But I’m not sure I want them in gz. All moving things in the game are enemies so if a person comes walking after a road I would know it’s a terminator. And it would be a weak machine. You can kill hunters twice the size of a human with a few well placed shots. So it would be difficult to find an argument why the terminator would be tougher. So maybe best not to add another weak enemy since most people want harder opponents and in most cases bigger ones.

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