Thank you devs for the hotfix today!



So far not a single crash, and my rivals are spawning again all over the place. Thank you so much, I hope this will last! :+1: :+1: :+1:


Yeah yesterday and today yeilded 7 crashfree hours on my save that’s been crashing since mid december. Great stuff!!
Now to find that elusive 5star LMG… :wink:


Oh my Lanta I just saw this. I cannot wait to get home and play today thank you for posting this!


This was only a PC hot-fix/patch everyone that is not in the Title for us console they said this:
“While not as severe on consoles, we will roll this update out on those platforms alongside our next update.”
Located HERE Hope this reduces any confusion the title may have cause for console players…


I’ve added some tags to the post, cheers.

I can only agree what the others have said, my crashing issues are mostly gone. And Rivals do appear to be spawning at a more regular rate.


The game is unplayable on PS4. Soon I will throw it in the trash bin. Haven’t been able to play a decent session for months and the say it’s not as severe for us console players. I love the game when it works but it hasn’t done that in months due to constant crashes. So where is our hotfix?


It’s probably easier to implement on PC since that’s the development platform. My guess, towards the end of the month like with most updates but you never know. I can confirm though, it works. My crashes are gone.


XBox and PS releases have to go through QC by Microsoft and Sony before they can be released and this generally adds more time.

We have seen it with various Private Test Server releases of The Division where originally ti was released only on PC rather than waiting the extra time for XBox / PS validation and release scheduled to complete.

This could indicate the next release could be in a few weeks as that aligns with the consoles QC timelines for this fix but it could also indicate the devs will just bundle with the console QC timelines for the next patch rather than doing it two times (I would presume it is chargable from the console companies).

Saying that I have no direct inside knowledge either way, just what has been reported on other games that seem to reasonably fit with this situation.

No official announcement here in the ‘Official announcements’ section by the Devs :neutral_face:. Any fix list to be posted on the forums ?.

Endless crashing, please help!

Just tested and game works fine for me as well. :+1: Got two new rival spawns, both military tanks. :grin: