The Competition Dalahast

So as the title flags, we are yet to see the competition winning Dalahast be put into the game. The efforts from the community were brilliant, and would very much like to see it in game with the pending update.

For reference here is the original link and winning Dalahast.



Good question. I’m gonna try poking somebody about it!

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Cheers Zesiir, if they want any ideas where to hide it I’ve a few :sweat_smile:

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This contest happened before I joined and I just found out about it, but I love the winner and runner-up designs. It’s disappointing they haven’t been integrating those for such a long time - please, if you let your fans compete for a set goal, at least get it into the game within a year or so…

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Well let’s hope it makes it back up the flagpole.

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So did they just forget about this? Or is there a reason it was never added?

Or never found… :thinking:?

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I want to know too. Time to find that old poking stick…


Please do Zesiir, it’s more a matter of principle.

A lot of community members took the time and effort to enter and had some great entries. If I could also get my DalaZorse put into the game - but don’t tell me where.

I’ll wait until someone finds it.

Much love from the UK



Hey, sorry for the long pause but I was informed that there was a big team change and restructuring at Systemic Reaction just after the competition, and the whole thing was kinda just left hanging after that.

Bit of a shame, but what can you do. I guess we’ll have to hope they pick it up again soon.


That is a shame. Nice to know what happened though. But considering it’s been almost 3 years I don’t have high hopes for it to appear.

Thanks for figuring it out!

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I thought just as much to be fair.

Maybe when they adjust the HEDP schematic, it could be snuck in then.