The Drop Rates might be bugged

Hi All

Ok so have spent the last 4 days farming out rivals this is my results.
My character is level 31 and 27
I also play solo and have been playing since launch

Have a Total of 100 level 4 rivals killed
14 x Military tanks
18 x fNIX Tanks
20 x Hunters
28 x apoc Tanks
10 x Prototype Tanks
10 x Harvester a mix of all types.

The Total amount of experimental Weapons of the 100 rivals is zero.
in 100 rivals farmed I got no experimental Weapons at all
if this is the path the dev team wish to take with drop rates well I won’t be around to play the game.
I must say i got a ton load of experimental clothing

Please is my expectation too high?


I’ve moved this to Bug Reports. In the future, please post in the correct forum if you plan on reporting bugs, and use this template to give us more information to go on.

Rivals level up, they’re the most sure to drop Experimental weapons at Level 4, but the loot table also consists of clothing and such. It’s not a guaranteed drop, though if you’ve killed that many of them it does sound a bit unusual that you haven’t found an Experimental yet :thinking:


I have the same experience. Since the latest update, I have killed maybe 20 rivals of various levels. No experimental weapons at all.


@haxxlinus and @Ricco , the same happened to me, i´m level 31 and since the new March update i also have that problem and i usually prefer to play Solo, the solution i´ve found was to play multiplayer games in other people sessions, the drop rates are better, i do not know why, but they are, that`s how i found the remaining missing level 5 weapons, good luck to you!.

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The more people that report this in, the better. If something’s up with the droprates we’ll know for sure. I’m about to do a multiplayer session myself, gonna hunt some Rivals so I’ll report back if I encounter the same.

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same, i used to choke on exp weapons before the update, no weapons now…and i play ALOT!


Yup. Same here. Something has gone seriously wrong with the droprate for experimental weapons after the anniversary event ended. Both in SP and MP and its the same for the guys I play with.


Actually it was not after the anniversary, but since the anniversary, i believe the problem is somewhere in the new Update


Platform: PC

At least this part i have noticed, loot is extreme minimal for lvl 4 hunters, any class. Its always ammo, nothing else. No clothing, no weapons, just 1 stack of ammo.

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On what platform are you all playing?

I’m on PC and got at least 1-of-each of the Exp weapons after last patch.

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Played for a couple hours, downed several Rivals and we did get Experimental drops. Don’t know what to say, maybe it’s just bad luck with the RNG gods :man_shrugging:

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Maybe, but i mostly play with other people so i don’t know.

Hi Saazm

i play on PC and on Playstation have the problem on both platforms.

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I have had a thought is the drop rate the same for multiplayers and solo play maybe bump the rate for solo players only. It may not work that way?

I’m on PC. Played both multiplayer and solo. I’ll just play some more, and see if the RNG gods like me. May the odds be ever in my favor.

Ok i think the problem might be tied to the new difficulty setting.
can this be verified?

PC, skirmish difficulty.

Experimental weapons drop rate for me is rather fair. There are times that I get a big nothing, but two days ago I got AG4 and rocket launcher, and Kpist a day before.

Interesting theory. I have it set to Skirmish.

Interesting I have my game set to adventure.

would be nice to have a larger sample size to see if this is tied to difficulty setting.

I play on Guerrilla difficulty, with difficulty adjusting per number of players, and neither I nor my game partner have seen either a 5 star weapon or an experimental weapon drop from the level 4 rivals when we’re playing. I’ve seen exactly one 5-star drop - a magazine for submachine guns - since the new difficulty settings were introduced. We’ve killed dozens and dozens of these 4 star rivals - from runners all the way up to tanks. It’s so incredibly frustrating having drop rates this low that I plainly remember it.