The Enemy of my Enemy

I just found out that I am missing a mission, called the enemy of my enemy. I did the radio tower mission where you unlock this mission, but I didn’t get any missions at all.

I don’t know how this happened, and if I can fix this somehow without having to create a new character and play the whole game again. Please let me know if you know anything to fix this.

(Btw, i do single player, so It doesn’t involve any multipayer isues. )

There are heaps of posts on this - everyone is in the same boat. The DEVs have been aware since it went wrong (in the August Update) and the fix should be in the Update on Monday. Relax, you won’t have to start over…

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Thanks for the info, I’ve been stressed out for the last past hours. 170 hours of gameplay, all 5 star weapons, almost had a heart attack. Thanks😀

Oh God, I’ve been hanging about for weeks! They’ll fix it. In the meantime go out there and kick something.

I will… maybe a trashcan or something😂

I was thinking more along the lines of a Hunter…

Nah, going for 2 tanks now. Practicing for the update


362 hours…… Been exploring and looting a lot waiting on the fix. Lost ‘The Enemy of my Enemy’ during last update along with others. Got most of others back by repeating missions. Missing only ‘The Enemy of my Enemy’ - ‘A wrench in the Works’ - ‘Behind the Curtain’.

I even shot out the back window in the overseer’s office and threw a radio in and then fast traveled in room but no key card or snuff can. I had already went in with a key and pick up the stuff before the update.

Did not want to start the game over…… so a lot of exploring.

Must have been stressful times… I figured it out today and went almost mentally insane… ( it’s a joke, don’t call the police)

Hello @Edgecutter24 please do not take this as being rude but there is a topic on this (Link Below) & it was mentioned on this weeks stream (Link Below) a fix is coming in the next update. The Thread is a very popular thread & is the 5th one down as of this posting on the latest post.

Yeah I just saw it, a little after I posted this. Thanks for mentioning, it’s a great help!

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