The exo suit should actually do something

The exo suit parts you unlock in the game form killing a set amount of machines it should actually do something then just be for show like they can add something the parts should do like make you run faster or cancel out fall damage or make you stronger when they introduce melee weopans to the game what I mean is the exo suit should have a special abilities


It isn’t named “exo suit”, it’s FNIX clothing set.

Also, it does have special ability: very distinctive looks. No other clothing item looks closely similar to the FNIX set. :slightly_smiling_face:

In one of the dev streams, it was asked if FNIX set (or clothes in general) would have stats. Devs response is at 00:31:07,

Don’t we all miss Gordon Freeman’s HEV suit :disappointed:


Could be fun if your stamina went limitless, you got a extra row or two in inventory but need a car battery and/or fuel tanks to power it

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I agree, if we had the ability to run like maniacs and spray enemies with smgs.:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

… and a built-in jetpack would be nice :joy::airplane:

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This actually makes sense! an exo suit does exactly that, improves strength and speed.

Note: we already have the strength because we all carry lots of weapons in the backpack :joy:

It would be nice if you got some extra perks from wearing it but a lot of people have it now so it’s kinda meh!

I like the black resistance jacket with belt camo makeup and black beanie. Much prefer the black commando myself.

I see that there is a common misconception in this topic where many say that the FNIX themed clothing set is an exosuit. It is not an exosuit.

Exosuit is a wearable mobile machine which increases strength and endurance. FNIX set is just some old clothes with machine components strapped to it with hoses, to give it it’s distinctive looks.

This is an exo-suite :star_struck:

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I wonder if this is something the Devs would consider implementing or not. It feels like they like to keep the human aspect of the game realistic (like how they only use guns from that time period), but obviously with the robots there are some exceptions. It’ll be interesting to see what they come out with in future DLCs :slight_smile:

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, more so since playing Stalker Anomaly again recently but you could easily create an entire DLC based solely around obtaining a working exoskeleton.

Start it off with a rescue mission where you end up meeting a scientist or science team that was developing a frame before everything went to hell and from then on it’s just a case of getting the parts to put the suit together in the configuration you want.

This allows a lot of leeway about what suit you end up building from a light suit that gives minimal protection and carry bonus but allows you to sprint long distances and jump higher that would benefit a sniper or scout character

I’d change the coat in this case to look more like a ghillie suit which would fit the use better.

Then at the other end of the scale you can have a heavy suit that can’t run but can carry new heavy weapons such as an .50 machine gun or minigun and has maximum protection for hardcore damage dealers or tank style players.


And other possible variations in between the two that can give players more choice depending on their play style.

I’m using the sin faction proto exo skeleton and a nosorog suit from Stalker Anomaly here as examples but you can see how the overall style can easily be adapted to fit in to GZ.

As for getting the suit and parts you could have a long campaign consisting of a combination of exploring new facilities or new areas in existing ones and harvesting specific parts from destroyed mechs. The heavier the suit you want to put together the larger the mech you have to get the parts from up to and including the reaper.

You can even take it further and have the abillty to further modify the suit once it has been created with different options avaiable specific to the type of exo skeleton you have built.


I like this idea. I suppose it helps that I’m also a fan of the STALKER games, but it does sound like something that could easily fit into the GZ setting and actually add clothing that affects gameplay.