The Mother of all Experimentals


If somebody has already suggested this, you have my vote!

If anybody by any chance should have noticed my attitude towards the experimental weapons, it’ll probably be a bit difficult to believe that I am serious when suggesting this. But I am.

What I want is not a new inconsequential railgun. What I want is not a new insignificant antimatter phaser. What I want is not a new fantasy Kill-O-Zap gun. What I want … and what I need … is a Ripley Loader well equipped with tank weapons. The Swedish army would with absolute certainty do a man-operated prototype of their tanks to check motion control, feedback loops, reliability and having early models to do system tests on. So my point is, that THIS MACHINE ALREADY EXISTS! We just have to find it! As all machines it runs on power cells, which we can harvest. It use the same ammo, which we can harvest. We only need a parking lot for it. :smiley:

So, Avalanche, please don’t spend more time on petty hand carried guns. That is so unambitious :slightly_smiling_face:


The exo suit should actually do something

I am sorry I can :heart: this only once.


It mean, it will be terribly jarring in tone, and I’m sure it reminds some of us of that godawful loader achievement in Aliens: Colonial Marines, but at the same time, it’s a hilarious idea, and I love how you make a pretty watertight case for something so far out. :smiley:

So: “It should be on the small island off the DLC one. It should not be able to fast travel.”


Hence the parking lot :wink:


The combat variant in Alien vs Predator 2 was badass, though. Packed with guns and mobile enough to take on Xeno’s in droves. Something like that would be cool to see :slight_smile:


Xezr mr pull some strings make it happen ,we need a robot suit , avalanche must owe you a few favours , or at least name a tank after you , :+1:


And this is in no way a new idea. But I think it would be a logical next step as a big slice of the player base apparently demands an arms race. But I would find this fun to play. Suddently you could be in charge of a flamethrower, a Gatling gun, a rocker launcher.

I don’t see it in anyway as a bread and butter weapon. This should be reserved for bosses or hoards.


it would be slow to turn, fast in a straight line, and cant hide, and stuck with the machines mounted guns, just in case anyone says it would be to OverPowering , as a human turning running hiding and all your guns is the norm , so i would like a Mech please


It could basically be a tank with a seat and a stick, as I see it. The “torso” needs redesign so that you can fit a Recaro seat, the necessary handles, and a bit of armour in the frame. Actually, I’m sure that it’s how the whole thing started, before the machines became autonomous.

Edit: well, actually I don’t think you should be seated. It should probably work like Ripley’s loader. But that is just details :slightly_smiling_face:


Recaro seats :laughing::rofl: in with the 80’s GHIA bucket seats out of me ford XR3i ,:rofl::+1:


Why not turn this game into the Lego ™ version. That way everyone could build whatever she/he liked. We would not even have to ask for modding support, because it was the basis of the game.


And that is where I become so proud of being Danish! :grin:


The best thing about Denmark is Öresundsbron :-p But thinking of Lego, how about littering it around like landmines? We all know what it’s like to stand on…


Ouch … :flushed: … … …


@IanForce you know I’m kidding, right…? Too much?


Well, the mistletoe obviously didn’t work … :wink:

@Flick, you are cool, and you write some pretty good postings. And I really dig sharp humour :grin::+1:


Dude they should make a actual railgun. As for the handguns… I think the experimental handgun is OP being able to fit rockets into it as ammo.


There already is one. Welcome to the game.


Wait that’s what the experimental 50. cal is? (No need to be a jerk about it)


Cargo loader with jerry-rigged autocannon and rocket pod wouldn’t look right.

What would look right (similar to the tank), is APU from Matrix series:

It’s slow, it’s bulky but it has the firepower. Also looks good.