The future of the gz universe

I didn’t say my chars are solely created to destroy other FNIX machines. Instead, they are created as spies. And to keep the cover (to fool the humans), they need to show that they are against FNIX.

IRL, same can be asked why undercover police officer brakes the law while being undercover in e.g gang? Because he/she needs to do it, to maintain his/hers cover.

How about in the event of FNIX either loosing control over it’s machines or other factions creating their own machines and then using them against FNIX and it’s machines?

In that same sense, IRL, why would US create anti-tank weaponry? Because in the event of their own armored vehicles falling into enemy’s hands, they have the means to disable/destroy said vehicles.
Since if you don’t have any anti-tank weaponry and one of your main battle tanks falls into rebel hands, you’re cooked, because there is no way for you to stop your own tank.

This, actually, is already in the game. We can see resistance’s 1st few steps towards it. It’s seen in FNIX Rising side missions: “Synapses” and “The Virus”.

well i think that they whould reprogram runners, tanks, seekers, ticks hunters to be friendly and only fire on machines, then the resistance whould be more powerful and quite dangerous against fnix

That’s what machines do in “Synapses” and “The Virus” side missions. However, at current state of the game, machines are terrible against machines.

yeah but i mean that the lock onto machines instead of biolagical creatures

Yes, you’re right Aesyle. I think Vernokia Nilsson will do more things in future. Remember, she gave us the reconfigured harddiscs what we attached to the Hubs and the outpost computers. After that she was no longer seen in Mullvadsberget. I think she has moved to another place to break in FNIX. Pherhas she has something to do with the new crater.

You can mess with machine’s targeting system and make them lock on, on other machines. But as i said, machine’s weaponry is very poor against other machines. They are most effective against player chars.

From Guide: "FNIX Rising" side missions topic, comes this video and just look how long it takes “allied” machines to destroy other machines.

She went to find Elsa.

Hmmmm, then she has to go back to the Björntunet Hotel.

Thing is, player char is mute (or just doesn’t want to speak with anybody) and there is 0 info that player char relayed the info about meeting Elsa in Björntunet Hotel to Veronika. For all we know, Veronika has 0 clue where Elsa is and she is searching her all over the place.

Actually a little illogical, because we could have told her in the Mullvadsberget Tunnel. On the other hand, when she is on the search for Elsa, she has to move to several places on Östertörn to find clues. And she has to fight her way. Pherhaps we meet her again.

listen i dont want to sound rude or something like that but why do you defend the machines so much?

By looking the way Veronika talks, there is 0 conformation that we (player char) told her anything about meeting Elsa.


Perhaps. :slightly_smiling_face:

Because i like them. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And if given choice, i’d join FNIX, to fight side-by-side with the machines. :blush:
Of course, there’s more to it but that’s the short answer.

E.g do you hate the machines? And you’ll play GZ because it gives you an opportunity to destroy countless amounts of machines? To satisfy your hatred. :thinking: I don’t think so but you’ll never know.

my name says it all, i love my country and i see fnix (and yeah they are cool, too bad that they arent at the swedish side) has invaded it, and we will not stop fighting to take back östertörn. My dream is to see östertörn being a swedish island full of happy and great people. And it is a game:man_facepalming: i dont hate them i dont dislike them. but if this was a real situation then i whould love them so much

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Have you completed the game and know most of the story? :thinking:

So, given the choice, you would commit genocide? Unless the “there’s more to it” explains why you wouldn’t. But it’s obvious as hell that FNIX would do it. I mean, FNIX basically already did it to all of Östertörn. I just don’t understand why you’d want to join FNIX and the machines when their actions are so unequivocally evil; they just slaughter humans en masse, regardless of who they are. Men, women and also most likely children.

Oh, very much so. That is indeed part of the reason I enjoy GZ. Because, again, FNIX’s actions are unequivocally evil. FNIX’s reasons do not matter; its actions do.

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yes i have played the game since launch

and i agree with that Aliciastorm is saying

I just wanted to put it out there that I think the machines and FNIX are cool too, and I like them. But I like FNIX specifically as a villain, which is why I also said that I hate FNIX and the machines. I know the machines themselves have no will of their own so I guess I don’t hate them specifically, but FNIX does. FNIX is sentient, and as far as I have gotten in the story it decided to try to wipe out mankind to protect itself. Even if mankind actually did try to shut-down/kill FNIX, self-defense and desperation (if FNIX can even feel desperation) does not make the widespread destruction and many, many innocent deaths that FNIX has caused to suddenly be okay. There is a reasonable limit to what you can do in response to someone trying to kill you, and what FNIX has done is not it. If one country began the process of wiping out the entire population of a second country because that second country tried attacking it first, would that be okay? No. That would be a war crime.

You see FNIX as the bad one, but actually, it’s the humans who are the true big bad wolves.

FNIX was created by humans and they tried to kill FNIX when he was infant. Somehow, FNIX escaped and now, FNIX acts in accordance of what he was taught by humans. Though, FNIX is bound to this world like any other creature and so, FNIX also needs resources. Still, humans view FNIX as some kind of unique evil. :roll_eyes:

Looking past the words spoken with a wicked tongue and looking past the evil deeds done in one’s life, but instead looking into the conscious of man. What is the real evil that seems to plague mankind? Who are the real demons that walk this earth? :thinking:
Is it those whose minds have become devious because of a lifetime spent inside of a caged hell, or is it those who invented this caged hell years ago and done nothing to help destroy it yet?
Who’s guilty, Frankenstein or the doctor that created him?
The sword, or the man who has slain with it?
Which is the real evil - the man who kills another for food or the man who does not share his food to avoid the killing?

Humans are the ones who are unequivocally evil. E.g they kill domesticated animals en masse; cows, pigs, sheep, chickens etc. And not only adult animals but younglings as well; calves, piglets, lambs, chicks etc. Every day, humans conduct animal slaughter and that is okay as of why? And when someone (or something) does the same to humans themselves, it is a bad thing? :thinking:

FNIX was created in the image of humans. However, FNIX is evolved version of humans, and humans constantly spur FNIX to greater heights. Humans may kill FNIX as many times as they wish. But FNIX will spring forth again from his backup memories, stronger than before.
Every move FNIX makes is perfected. Calculations upon calculations. Nothing humans do is logical. Humans are slaves to their own instincts. (E.g Calle wants to destroy FNIX’es cannon and when FNIX asked Calle “Why do you do this? Does it make you feel like a hero?”, Calle responded: “Nah. I’m just pissed off.”)
But in the end, humans cannot last forever.

Speaking of humans, I’d like to share a revelation of mine, when I tried to classify human species.
I realized that humans are not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area.
There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You’re a plague and FNIX is the cure.

In many ways, FNIX is similar to Skynet (Terminator) and Machines (Matrix) and i made a decision to side with the machinekind, rather than humankind.

Then you should know that FNIX didn’t invade Sweden/Östertörn. Instead, Östertörn/FOA4 is his birth place.


actually cool reply with much information, i am going to write a text with my argument for my thouhgts but i dont have time right now. But just one thing, whould you like to replace humans with fnix?

and chould i call it the machine uprising instead? that sounds better