The gasping sound when running

Request: Option to turn off the gasping sound when running (and out of stamina)!

Since I spend a lot of time running in the game, the gasping sound effect while doing that gets quite tiring tbh, so I would love to be able to switch that sound off - ty!


Gasping sound is audible notification that you’re out of stamina and should stop holding sprint button to regenerate stamina.

I find it very useful since looking at the stamina bar at the bottom left corner is far more inconvenient than hearing out of breath sounds. Also, it makes game feel more realistic.

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@Aesyle I don’t disagree with anything you wrote, I would only like an option to turn it off, not remove it completly from the game :slight_smile:


OMG, yes, the breathing and heartbeat issue.

And I do have a fix for you, my friend!
Not toggleable but…

Extract this into your game dir, delete all sub dirs EXCEPT sound.

Unless you want to keep something more of this mod.

If you want me to send you my sub dir, that one has been set up for that specifically…
I can zip that up and share with you. :slight_smile:

If you have more questions please ask, my friend.

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I have asked to make this optional as well, powers that be then figured that would not be necessary.
Force it to anyone…

Thankfully, CIP3000 made a fix, on my request.
Before they shoved this down my throat all was well, when I was avoiding or hunting machines (my game music is turned off, I actually hunt by sound), and then this…
I could not hear a thing no more due to that breathing and heartbeat.
So incredible frustrating…

I hope, if new things come to be, they will be so kind to make stuff optional.
Not all will be equally pleased with changes pushed through…

@Xogroroth, thanks a bunch - I will try that out!

Modding the game like this won’t prevent me from hosting/joining MP sessions I hope?


No sir. :slight_smile:
It will not, used it forever myself :wink:


Just installed the mod - what a blessing to be rid of that sound!

I also kept the Blur/Bokeh Depth of Field Effect (and with that the enhancements to the scope addons effects), the game look so much better now imho.

Thank you @Xogroroth, I appreciate it! :+1:

Edit: I do get the “ghost light” bug with the graphics enhancement mod installed, so I will see if I can live with that because the rest of the graphics looks crisp with it installed.


What’s the ghost light bug, please?
Not familiar with that term.

And welcome… :slight_smile:

If it is about lights from machines getting “stuck” in the world when the machine has moved on, that bug has nothing todo with any mods. It happens in the vanilla game as well.

Ah no, thats not what i meant. I mean that the light from lightsources arent ON the lights, but off to the side of the light sources.
I’ll try to grab a screenshot of it later.

(dont know why i called it ghost Light, sorry)

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Don’t be…
We’re all humans, a failed “intellectual” species, bound to ever more make mistakes. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

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@OGDH I definitely see your point I agree it does get annoying when you spend alot of your time running. It’s realistic though, and like @Aesyle said, it’s a bother to keep looking down at your stamina meter. I like to keep my eyes on the field :wink:

Since I hunt purely by sound… that was an AWFUL thing to get.

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Edit: This is now sorted, just disable dynamic resolution.

So, here’s the promised followup to my previous post. This is an off topic post, but just wanted to show the issues I get with the mod mentioned above.

From certain angles, the light effect flickers to the side of where the light source is supposed to be, which makes it quite annoying. Now I do like the other things I get from the mod, but if I can’t figure this one out, I’ll remove it and only leave the sound part.

Not sure if anyone else running the mod experience this one, it may be affecting only AMD cards, I don’t know. I’ll try and post it on the mod page as well.


Odd, had not have this, myself…?

I found the cause. Apparently I had dynamic resolution enabled. When I turned that off, it works just fine.


Yess the heavy breathing i agree please can this be an option on or off . Ps4 and xbone

Hey Rotter - I like it - it is realistic: after you have run IRL carrying weapons you can’t hear a thing for a while. And anyway, I like the feeling that I am getting some exercise!

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Thats the reason i disliked the heavy breathing , it is louder than all other sounds , i will settle for a volume control and keep it on for realistic purposes , my neighbours probably think im watching really loud porn with occasional gum shot’s at the current loud setting that the game produces now , oh bootie , i used to run marathon’s and after 25 mile thats when you would sound like that , not 20 yards like in game :rofl: