The heck is this?

Somebody who thinks he’s cool by using mods to level up, but it’s too obvious. :crazy_face:

If only they could get banned… would be funny af.

They look like fools. They probably do not know it would take years to get to level 10000 and it takes a lot more than 3298 kills.

Since the lvl cap of 10,000 came into effect, its not possible for anyone to have attained that level yet without mods, Even playing 24/7.
So long as they only play solo, i don’t care.
What this game needs though is one of those multiplayer cheater apps, that make sure no one is using mods while playing with others.

Wasn’t solo. I joined in a group and he was there… blew my mind!

see… now thats lame!

Funny thing is and its a dead givaway is the 3000 kills xD

Even im at 4103 kills with this character and level 35 xD

I’m at almost 8k kills 🤷

This is mods, and @Crimblix you have 100% of The game. This ia your Second account?

It is funny but really sad he fells that its needed just cause hes a pc noob, gives pc players a bad rep

2nd character but same account yes.

That is what I look at as soon as someone enters my map. Quick statement “mods not allowed” and then booted. Second time they come back I boot and switch to invite only.
The number of just lynx I have destroyed is higher than his total machines destroyed.

It would be nice if the dev team would add a way for hosts to get flags like this when a player comes into a public game with an edited version of the game. Since just not long ago our game would crash and then get a notice about the versions not matching.

Not necessarily, he wants to use it, he loses the fun of the game but it doesn’t mean he’s a noob.
If he finds it easier that way and helps others
(I already met a hacker and he gave me bullets and weapon components etc)

it’s okay
And Its not passive of ban

I wouldn’t even know how to get mods…

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lol What a measly k:d ratio… :man_facepalming: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

@Kimosabe_X what’s a good kd? I dunno if mine is good or bad :thinking:

If you are having fun doing what you are doing, the kill to death ratio doesn’t matter.

I have 8k kills and 20k deaths. Is that good?