The mission new cycles

on steam PC

Mission (New Cycles) is completed yet the cosmetic isn’t unlocked

Truck bugged out in front of the door on the hill and stopped completely and so I exit the game, when I returned the mission was completed but the challenge stayed incomplete.

this was on a solo game

Drivers are up to date and my system exceeds the requirements to play the game

just out of curiousity, every time the truck stops you have to talk to the driver again and again. I thought it bugged out too. retrace the the mission path from start to finish just to see if the truck is still sitting somewhere cause he suicide bombs a FNIX base at the end. you might get lucky and be able to finish it completely.

I’m in the same boat. Xbox SX. Solo game. New Cycles mission. Upon arriving at the gate Calle’s truck kind of fades away and disappears. Objective changes to hack gates. Gates hacked fine. Objective then changed to “talk to Calle about the C4” but Calle is nowhere to be found. Quest marker pointed next to the cannon up the hill but no way to interact with anything.

Quit to main menu then continue game. Upon loading in the quest is marked complete cannon is destroyed and Goodnight mission is added to the log. Good Night mission proceeds as intended. Achievements unlocked on the xbox side but “Road Trip” challenge progress doesn’t reflect mission completion.

You can try this where I suggested a method that helps some people.

The mission is marked complete already in my log like OP. I doubt there will be anything there to interact with if my save says both the mission and its successor are complete but I’ll see if I can find anything later.

Ah I see, you are probably right.
I assumed, before actually reading, that you could not finish the mission.

No worries. It seems like OP and I experienced the same thing. Neither of us completed the final objective of “talking to Calle about the C4”. Loading back into the game after quitting to the menu essentially skipped that objective and forced the quest to be marked complete.

Not exactly a game breaking bug but being able to complete the quest as intended and getting the cosmetic would’ve been nice.