The nerf to experimental crafting is over the top

Imho, the nerfing of experimental crafting that came with this december update is over the top, and I frankly can’t understand the need to nerf things like this in a game of this type.

The resulting amount of crafted ammo has been significantly reduced, and I’m also wondering if the recipies themselves has been altered, or did every experimental item require Uranium previous to this update?

I mean, .50 BMG Medical Ammo, you get three (3!!!) bullets for 16 explosives, 8 lead and 2 uranium - this is a joke, right?

Explosive toy lure used to give a batch of five, now you get one at a time.

I think you really need to take a look at this.


All experimental ammo needs uranium.

7.62mm Shock is down to just 60 rounds. Originally you got 300. The number reduction, though needed, is in my opinion very overzealous.


Some form of balancing.
We get so much ressources, now you have to spend some more for experimental ammo.

When they were new, you just got uranium (1 to 4) by base defenses.

Now with the latest changes experimental ammo became standard, because of so many ways to get so hundreds of uranium.

I didn’t craft anything yesterday, but just by the numbers it’s sounds ok to me.

It can’t just be always “more, more, more”.


Not arguing at all about rebalancing, just my opinion that perhaps the reduction was a bit much. I personally would be happier with 100 rounds per 2 uranium.


Love the reduction of crafted ammunition lowered. Makes ammunition little bit more scares and you actually have to loot around.
Also new schmetacits gives meaning to some looted materials which i did not never loot, just discarded as unwanted.


For me, this nerf just killed experimental ammo crafting completely. 3x .50 bullets for 2 uranium? There’s only so much uranium.
Also, first impressions about ammo crafting in general (in this update) is that there is a need now for so much resources. That you need to loot everything. Feels a bit much. And the low quantities you get per craft? Pressing the craft button 100 times to get 300 .50 bullets. Cmon!
I’m about 200 hrs into the game, lvl 40ish. Still a rookie. Got my first reaper yesterday.


That’s an argument for an improvement.
There should be a slider to choose how much you want to craft!


Now you don’t need to collect 10 radios och air tanks in order to deconstruct. You just need one. So there will be plenty of resources available and in the plus side for those of you that horde ammo now you dont have collect stuff in the plundra until you have enough to deconstruct.

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I think it’s okay to reduce the amount but then to a maximum of half the amount before the update. Otherwise it just ends up in a stupid grind on Mats or even more dup-glitch idiots come out of it. This should urgently be repaired with a hotfix.

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Sorry, don’t know what you mean.

An excellent suggestion!

True, but if you consider the weight of crafting materials,0.01 gram each. 1 uranium is very little that stuff.
And make little bit more send in ammunition amounts crafted now.


Now experimental ammo is more worthy.
It’s not spamming shock ammo on every single bot any more.

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Spray and pray is history, boys.

I’m getting along just fine without ever having crafted any exp ammo. I can’t see what the problem is.


This is horrible, this always happens, people cry and they nerf without asking…people have to be free to choose whether to use it or not…this game will die because of 4 people who don’t know how to do anything but complain. You don’t like it, don’t use it. And if it bothers you in your game, say so and if not, you’re free to expel whoever you consider is ridiculous. Google translator

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Yes!, It seems it is a few that spend all their time in the forums or other media to complain about something that has ZERO effect on them but because they are continuously making threads about THEIR issues, we all have to adjust the way we play OUR game of Gen Zero. Makes you wonder when they play the game themselves. It reminds me of when a few didn’t like how aggressive the game was and the machine AI was nerfed to where they were like walking zombies… and yes, that is a reference to those that want zombies in the game.


And another thing, why don’t you nerf the amount that can be carried, and not the amount that you can produce? This game is not how things are done. Let us play as we want. This game would have more potential with someone who has better ideas and will not allow himself to be manipulated by other people.

Other people who no speak English also play. They ask them? I repeat, to give an example, I have several friends from all over the world and without knowing the language we understand each other, I have one for example who does not use experimental weapons nor ammunition, he never told me Forbidden to use it, so I’m free. But not because I have it, I use it, okay? Maybe that’s the problem… people don’t reason and don’t think. Keep crying for thinking that the problem is the ammunition and not yourself… think about all those who cry about this. So one day you will think of others and not in yourselves and easily manipulated people

I don’t think that the devs just do what a few people in the forums or social media want.

There surely is a backlog of things they could imagine themselves, there is a descition process and there will be sprint reviews with the product owners.

And as they’re bound to the limits that the game-engine is giving, there will be many descitions to make against the original suggestions, which may end up in something different than WE wanted to have.

I’m not saying that I’m satisfied with everything and every descition, but I don’t look to find someone guilty.


As I’ve said many times before.
Add so the host can set parameters for his game.
Like experimental weapons on/off.
Fast travel on/off.
Access to plundra on/off