The new patch update 1.05

Today I was so pleased to see a new update but then I went to play it and was so damn up set to see you have really messed it up this time guys I can not see my items in my menu the music keeps sticking and repeating it self and none of the bots can see me it tells me the boxes are empty but they are not my wife is getting kicked all the time the game is now unplayable so disappointing


Also getting Error report…
CE-34878-0 the game is now totally broken


are you on a console ? this is getting fixed and has been seen by devs

Yes on ps4 it’s so bad

Getting fixed hey? When? At the end of next month? This game need serious devs pushing out updates weekly… I remember when I thought PUBG was an absolute disgrace in the form it was released in. Well, at least it said ‘Early Access’ so we knew what we were getting. This game tops PUBG on console for a buggy mess, and that’s just sad…


This right here. The game is too damn broken for 4-6 week intervals between fixes.


im just trying to help , but you cant expect a fix in 5 mins of a patch release , im sure it will be addressed asap

I’m not expecting a fix “in 5 mins of a patch”… but bluehole managed to push out weekly updates with the small team they had and amateur developers. They knew they had a serious problem on their hands and dedicated themselves to fixing it as soon as they could. These devs, well they leave this game broken for a month or more at a time… glad they added that camera mode though and removed the minuscule head bobbing that was a major issue… lmao!


TBH a friend of mine can only last 3 or 4 minutes in a game where there is head bobbing as the motion sickness gets too much for him, so it’s one of the ones I would consider useful (though not for me.)

im not staff , or any dev , just another player , and i share your frustrations

Well let’s see if he can last 3-4 mins now with this last patch apparently breaking the game further… also, I haven’t even seen an update for my game yet, but PS4 and PC got theirs I believe.

He is holding off on the game until I say it’s somewhere close to his standards (he is a former game developer and very fussy)

I can’t even play the damn game ATM as I’m waiting for my XBox to be replaced.

Thanks guys. Now I can take photos of my game and mission breaking glitches. Way to go! If you fix your game rather than adding toys, you might sell some more copies = make more money. Think about it.


Yup. Game is still terribly broken, but at least now you can take useless pictures of how pretty it is.


i prefer less bugs to be honest , but not many people are looking at that

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I don’t think it will be ready to play, up to his standards, for another year or so. And even then, if you look at The Hunter: Call of the Wild, it’s the same story. Glitches and bugs aren’t being fixed, but adding dlc and content takes priority. And that game has been out a couple years now. These devs have no clue what they’re doing. And are going to have A lot of pissed off fans after this update. GG!

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Still waiting for hotfix, at least they could tell everyone what is going on and when it will be sorted. Its like buying a car and then finding out the starter motor will follow aweek later lol

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After 25 years in software development, I can say with a high level of certainty that this isn’t the case. I trust the devs are capable and WANT to fix things, but they’re not the ones calling the shots and what gets prioritized.

Typically what happened when such horribly broken software is relased is the company bean counters are the ones calling the shots. An unreleased game in development makes no money, and they want return on their investment. The dev team are given a launch date that they have to meet, regardless of whether it’s ready or not.

Seeing how GZ has been panned by pretty much every review, I can only imagine how many people are returning it after playing 30 minutes. Everything about this patch screams about appealing to new buyers who know nothing of the game to keep them playing just long enough that they can’t refund it. That means every sale is “final” and goes to the company coffers rather than being returned to the buyer.

Financial folks saw the bad reviews and saw the really high return rate, so they prioritized the “new player experience” and adding fluff for new players to mess with over fixing the real issues. For those of us who bought at launch, they already have our money. We’re at the very bottom of the priority list.


i was lucky enough to get a beta key and play, and i pre-purchased , i play and try and help ppl on the forums. i believe the staff work hard and will continue for us. i have 258 hours and im still playing after completing the game 3 times . keep going guys .


I wish i could keep going but the game dont even start…_but GZ is not the only games with problems Destiny 2 and sniper ghost warrior have had problems