"The resistance" - to many waves

This is not a bug report, just that it seems impossible to complete the mission The protector of the resistance. I have made it through six or seven waves, but it always ends with “The hotel is destroyed”, and then the missions starts over.

Couldn’t it be possible to have a checkpoint after, say each 4 waves?


I love so much about this game, but usually we tend to write about the things we don’t like. And I think that I might not like the storm on the Björntunet Hotel that much. And I don’t even know what’s going to happen yet. But I fear the worst. :fearful:

From what I figured out so far, this mission can easily fail. And if you fail, you’ll have to start over again and again until you succeed. And if that happens too many times, I might loose heart. Especially if this mission is s gatekeeper for other missions. Btw, I hate boss-fights too :wink:

So for now I’ve stocked up 30 landmines and I plan to get 30 more and building up courage before venturing into this challenge :pleading_face:

“Lose” Ivan, “Lose” - we’ve talked about this! The enemy has loosed the waves - we must not lose the battle!

@Magnux The trick is to keep them away from the hotel at all costs. Start by geetting from your Plundra mines and bottles and hand-grenades. Drop them in a little back-pack basically by the maze. Go back, load up again and drop this lot by the Tractor at the side. Refill your inventory one more time, now talk to Anita. in the two minutes that you’ve got run up and deload your inventory items mines/bottles to the right just before the maze, to the front on both sides of the central reservation. Pick your spot and wait. The first two waves will be destroyed immediately. Take out the other two. Run to the side, pick up your backpack and put mines by the Tractor, and then retreat round the side dropping mines and bottles as you go. The Tractor explodes with a bang and takes out the first wave, and the second comes into the mines “in retreat”. Back up and throw hand grenades at the rest. Drop a mine on the corner, since one Hunter always goes there. When the third one starts at the front, run back round to the back-pack you left there and dump it all on the right hand side (as you are looking at it) of the “carriageway”. Back up and take out anything that gets past it. When the tank comes move around to the side (i.e. talking its attention away from the hotel) and hit it with your rocket launcher until it falls over. The trick is to keep their attention on you, and not the hotel…


I can recommend completing this mission with Exp PVG 90 and Granatgevär M/49 (Exp or 5-star). I carried 24 grenades and 6 stacks of PVG ammo (240 ammo).
This weapon combination ensures you can trash the enemies pretty quickly. But you still have to keep an eye on the Hotel “health bar” and attack any enemy that damages the hotel ASAP.


I once read a recipe for an English Plum Cake … just as impossible to comprehend :joy:

Thanks for the detailed tactical description, @Bootie. I’ll try to do that if I don’t lose heart in the process :wink:


This is what happens when few players want a specific feature in a game (enemy waves), and later it is forced upon all of us :wink:

I did this mission alone using only 3* KVM 59 with AP rounds.
It might be easier in coop, with a sniper on a balcony.


Haven’t tried it yet, but … Respect, @0L0 :+1:

Just a little note - I used up more than 4000 rounds of 7,62 AP on this mission :rofl:


This mission was designed to be co-op and it’s really easy when there is 4 of you, but as the guys said mines, grenades, canisters are the way to go if solo


its easy i done it solo with 50 cal and ag4 and set up tank mine first it will save you time

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I done this mission with land mines ,grenades,flares and 4* KVM 59;))Hotel health bar was 68%;)))

Ah yes, but English Plum Cake is one of the joys of the very Earth itself! Just follow the recipe. Leave it covered up for six months at least before eating it - it needs time to mature… If it’s Christmas Pudding (much the same but thicker) then leave it 12 months at least…

@Bootie, you must admit that it defies all reason to wait 12 months for a cake! It only takes nine month to produce a baby! (I tasted Christmas Pudding once … it really is good). Well, if I prepare a Christmas Pudding now, it’ll probably be ripe when I have succeeded with “the resistance” mission :blush:

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I’d guess the cake tastes better.

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Well, you can buy them! But if I do, I buy it now (just after Christmas when the price drops) for next year, and until then it lives on top of my cupboard. I left one three years once and it was better than ever!

Come on, there must be something that Danes and Netherlanders make and then bury in the ground or something to mature and dig it up for the celebration…

Time capsules?


It didn’t run away?

When we are out camping wild, yes. But we don’t dig it up again :joy:


It knew when it was well-off. It just sat there and matured and got richer and richer. Delicious it was, with cream and Brandy Butter. Just before you serve it, you douse it liberally with Brandy and light it, so it is aflame when you bring it to the table…

When the waves come at the hotel, we could just throw Christmas Puddings - that’d slow 'em down (and we’re back on topic!).


I completed this one with an Exp AG4 and an Exp launcher first try on solo. It was incredibly hard, but it should be as its the last main mission in the game. The thing to remember is that enemies not fixated on you will attack the hotel, so make sure to keep circling around the front lot of the hotel to attract the doggos and hunters going ham on the health meter. Even if you die, if you had all their attention it will take them a good minute to readjust and start shooting at the hotel again. That should give you enough time to get back outside taking minimal damage to your health meter. That’s how I did it, hope this helps!

I have a horrible KD, but this one was actually surprisingly easy. I did it with Exp .50 cal and a 4-star KVM59 with extended mag and a bunch of grenades? Not sure anymore. Nailed it on the first attempt with only 3 adren (ok, and the survivor specialization; my full skill build is here). My hotel was on roughly 2/3 hp.

I was really afraid when I heard the first reports that this mission would not be fun. But it was actually not that bad (not that I appreciate wave shooter elements in any way).

Just keep moving and immediately focus any robot that shoots the hote. It is only 4 waves plus a tank, I believe. I even had a lvl4 rival tank join the party.

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