The Standoff Part 1


Some think we’ve lost. Some think the world has been doomed. But we still stand. All of the other bunkers have gone dark. Hope has been lost.

“The entire fighting force of the robots are coming.” William said. “We can’t do anything. They’ve got us pinned down with Torsberga’s artillery, and anyone that we send out never comes back. This is the en-”

“This can’t be the end. We still stand. We can fight back. We have a chance.”

“But, Oscar, they’ve got millions of those things. We just don’t stand a chance.”

“Whatever. Reality has been keeping us alive for a reason, and at least I’m going to use this chance to fight back. When will they come?”

“This night.”

“Alright.” I went to the weapons crate and picked up an AI-76. “Let’s gather the rest.”

                                                               Chapter 1

I adjusted my holding position as my heart continued to hammer it’s way outside of my chest. I pulled up a screen and switched to the entry camera. The men were held fast, waiting for their looming end. I was about to put it down when I started to hear static. No, it sounded more like scuffing. I started to prepare my gun when the scuffing abruptly stopped. Me and my men were waiting. We raised our sights at the door when The door shot off it’s hinges.

Five runners instantly entered the room and quickly assaulted the defenders. Jacob, one of William’s colleges, was the first to enter Himmel. His arm was quickly blown off by a shotgun, and then was pummeled to the ground, and with such force his head repulsively shot back and split open on the floor, leaking out brains and blood.

I quickly reacted and hosed the runners with 7.62 mm bullets. I shot one in the fuel canister, but since we were in such close quarters, one robot death equals one human death. The explosion knocked everyone around it, and one unfortunate chap named Charlie was one of the people that was majorly effected by the explosion. A shard of metal flew through the air, spearing him in the neck.

“Everyone, back u-” I choked as a shotgun shell nailed me in the chest. I fell backwards, stunned by the pain. When I realized what was happening, I laid to the ground, hoping to be able to trick the robots.
Chapter 2

“We’re doomed!” I said.

“Why William?” Colonial Elias asked.

“Oscar is dead.” I pointed to the screen, and went back to the scene. “See, look!” I pointed to Oscar, who was just shot by a runner. He fell back and laid on the ground, dead.

“Dude, just man up.” Elias shoved me towards one of the weapon crates to try to get me to fight. I picked up an AG 5 and tried to look tough. “Private, you’re going to go out there and act like a man. You got that?”


“You got that?!”

“Uhh Ye, Yes sir!”

“Than get up there!”

“Yes sir!” I marched out of the room, stomping to my death. Or so I thought. Once I made it up, it was chaos. people were running around, either to run to firing positions or escape their deaths. Runners were scrambling down the hallways to their targets. “EAT THIS YOU TRAITORS!” and I shot some of the runners all the way to Helsike with my AG 5. I just kept firing and firing and firing. But metal is tougher than skin. And I was soon overwhelmed. They just kept coming. Soon I was mowed down. A 9mm bullet flew past my head and into a person’s head behind me, spraying my eyes with blood. I couldn’t see but I could feel. I felt my limbs being ripped from my body, an arm, a leg, and finally, my head.

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The Standoff Part 2