Theresa won't talk to me anymore

I want to give Theresa a first aid kit, but don’t know how. Apparently she’s not able to accept it ór I am not capable to give it to her.

I get the E (action), but nothing happens.

Did you pick the schematic up, and craft the medkits?


And did you grab the ressources from her bike, bag and the car in front of the main entrance of the church?


My girlfriend gets that way too from time to time and I just take her out to dinner at a nice place and she gets over it…Or you can do what Zesiir and Madchaser suggested. Seems it has to be the correct first aid kits too.


Yes I did indeed. But before this mission pushing on the E didn’t result in talking to me too - telling me the mission I suppose.

Ohhh. .no? Maybe there’s the other walkie talkie/portophone?

Edit: that’s strange. Started the game and nów I can pick those two items around her bicycle ánd the motor of the Volvo (I do that a lot).

It doesn’t have to be in my equipment that I’m carrying to give her this?

But talking… no way, she’s still silent. I think I’ll put her in the fridge.

I knéw this was coming :joy: - in the back of my head this created the sentence.

Harold, always follow (and do) the objectives in the top left of your screen. :coffee:

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With the items picked up go to the crafting station left of the organ, craft a med kit (should be highlighted by a blue dot) and then talk to theresa.

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I know, but the game isn’t functioning correct in and around that church where she’s lying.

Also the ‘hand hints’ didn’t work at first. But now I can pick up some things.

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ah, I got everything, but not in the right order - I’ll try again.

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But still… what I tried… no result.

Stubborn lady… :roll_eyes:

I’m curious about this now. I’ll do a New World and see if I can reproduce the issue.

Edit: I managed to complete the mission without problems. I’m not sure what problems you’re having, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong as far as I can see.

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The only “issue” I had there was that the markers for collecting the ingredients outside the church were still there after completing the mission.

@Asphodelus could you make screenshots of each step? Maybe someone sees, what’s the issue.

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New World: is that the same world with starting all over again?
Just wanted to ask this here.

Allrighty, I’ll visit that location and see what happens plus stills.

Yes, that’s it.
Just remember, your plundra is shared with all characters and worlds.

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Fresh start!

Like I made with the change to Steam :wink:

Have you been succesful now?