Things I've already passed on to the devs to look at for future patches



I’ve been seeing a lot of repetition in the Feedback and Bugreport Subforums. I think it’s great that you all are voicing your opinions and suggesting solutions to problems that you’re having, I just wanted to compile a list of things that I’ve passed on to the devs directly so far (which means they’ve probably been requested a lot!)
This is so that new users can check quickly whether their issue is already something well-known and heavily requested, so I’ll be expanding the list as I pass on new issues.


  1. The bug where ammo randomly disappears, sometimes rendering the players completely useless. The devs are investigating this and every report with a description or, even better, a video about how it happened helps them to reproduce and eliminate the bug, so your help counts here! acknowledged
  2. Machines clipping through walls. This affects mainly Hunters when they jump or, even worse, just stand next to a wall and start shooting through it. Devs are aware of this one and are hoping to fix it rather sooner than later. acknowledged
  3. Ticks and Hunters jumping past players, but still dealing damage. In the ticks case, they sometimes just turn around mid-jump and still hit the player. acknowledged
  4. Toolboxes past the starter island don’t produce any loot acknowledged
  5. Swapping weapons sometimes takes way too long. It doesn’t seem to realize that a key for swapping was pressed.


  1. The starter island is too hard for new players. There should be a better balance between the items players can have at that stage and the amount/difficulties of enemies they encounter. acknowledged
  2. There has to be more tweaking to the loot containers. Right now, it feels like players are barely getting by with the health kits, adrenaline shots and ammo they find. Again, this is primarily an issue for new players on the starter island. Possible solutions are: Reduce the cooldown on loot containers, allow more health items to be found in a single container. acknowledged, connection to 1.
  3. Explosives feel useless. They do not deal enough damage to be worth even carrying around and normal rifles are way more effective against Tanks and Harvesters. A solution for this would be to increase the damage explosives do, but making them harder to find, so that a player would carry around 1-2 stacks of rockets at a time, but be able to get from point A to B with those. acknowledged
  4. Starting a new character should begin a complete new save, including story and map progress. The devs are currently investigating how to do this without screwing up existing saves. being looked into, but I don’t expect it in the near future
  5. Tanks and Harvesters need a loot table change. Currently, there is little to no point in fighting a Tier 2 Tank for 5-10 Minutes if all he is going to drop is 1 HEDP round. Loot tables for big machines need to be more rewarding. acknowledged
  6. There should be a bigger difference in performance between the different weapon Tiers. Right now, a 5-Crown weapon is hardly any better at bringing down machines. The difference doesn’t need to be too high, making 5-Crown weapons OP, just noticeable so it feels more rewarding to get a higher Tier weapon. Not going to be implemented, difference is enough right now

I’ve left out all the Mission Bugs on purpose since it’s official that the June update will be all about fixing those. But yeah, those are also a thing right now.

Note that me submitting those issues to the Devs does NOT necessarily mean they are going to get a higher priority in their plan or that they’re going to be implemented at all, for that matter. It simply means I’ve either seen them a lot on the different social media platforms, I deem them important, or both.

If you feel like I’ve left something important out, please comment with the link to a bug report for the problem you think should be added to the list, this thread is not a replacement for the bugreport forum
Remember to keep your feedback constructive and friendly.

Grenades and Mines being useless
Loot Respawn Settings
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I would add being unable to reliably switch between weapons, which raises it’s head at the worst times.

I think the worst occasion I stopped counting after 11 attempts to switch.


Oh yeah, that’s actually also something I’ve already submitted :slight_smile: forgot to list it


good work mate, hope they listen. :smiley:


I would add in the no loot toolboxes, that’s effectively reducing our loot by 50%


Might aswell add disappearing weapons to that list considering I just lost a sniper rifle with two blue attachments (4x8 sniper scope Rare& light enhancer (NVG mod) also rare) and one green attachment (worn suppressor attachment) and 54 softpoint rounds the rifle itself was a semi auto bolt action rifle, it was with me since the start of my playthrough and is something I depend on having but for some reason when I was switching guns in my inventory UI my rifle and it’s attachments and it’s ammo disappeared and now I am majorly angry because of this it happened 12:25 UK timezone Monday 3rd June 2018


Hi and thanks for this detailed report! can you test something for me? Next time you pick up a sniper attachment, right click it and select “attach to weapon”. Does the wepon you lost still appear in that list? If it does, then this is the so-called “Phantom Weapon” bug and the devs are aware of it. if not, please submit a separate bugreport in the according subforum :slight_smile: Thanks for your help in improving GZ!


I’ll see what I can do there wasn’t a phantom outline when I lost the weapon all I can think to myself is, how am I supposed to sneak around post apocalyptic (machine infested) Sweden without my sniper rifle I mean I have the other varient Älgstudsare on me but I don’t have any .270 bullets as I find them impossible to find where as the .243 was easy to come across this has really put a strain on my continuation of my playthrough right now I’m not one of these gun-ho players that just charge into situations without doing recon first that rifle was my lifeline


One other thing I noticed aswell was that the loot from fallen enemies such as the harvester and tank class enemies would disappear for no apparent reason this happened yesterday around 9:47pm I donno what causes that to happen but the Devs should look into that aswell I was about to loot the hardware from both classes and for no apparent reason the yellow outline wasn’t showing when I approached the wreckages other players got their gear from the wreckages but I didn’t get anything after wasting a ton of 7.62mm full metal jacket ammunition to bring both targets down in the F23 Ôverby Air Base


Ok yeah the phantom weapon glitch is present right now

As seen down the bottom of the list the Meusser hunting rifle is gone as seen in my inventory


Ah okay! Yeah, one of the other Beta testers had that glitch as well, devs are investigating it :slight_smile: For further bug reports, please use the appropriate subforum :slight_smile:


Already done :wink: it’s in the forum I created for the glitches and bugs for review, someone’s gotta keep an eye out for these for the dev team lol seems I’m finding quite a few bugs :rofl: but I’ll bare with it cause I really like this game and I’m eager to see where it goes, lol one thing I wish we had though…storage boxes :sweat_smile: but that’s for the future updates I’d imagine lol


Great! Thanks for sticking with us, it means a lot to the devs <3 Storage boxes have been “leaked” as in if you go to your Log, then “Tutorials” and scroll all the way down, there’s a section about Storage boxes, so it’s confirmed for a future update :wink:


Heh can’t wait till those are added, the storage capacity for player inventory can get tight sometimes lol especially when you have to take in consideration of ammunition needed, medical supplies, adrenaline supplies, distration and trap supplies, my favourite so far X2 gas canisters and one boombox :joy:


Here’s a video of the ammo disappearing bug.

I was in a session with another player (my save game, they joined me) and we had been attacking various enemies for a while, using fast travel to get to places. You can see when I switch to the Automatgevär that is has very little ammo left, that’s because all it’s ammo had already disappeared and I was only left with what was in the gun, but I didn’t get video of when that happened. So I add the Granatgevär to position one and continue, when the Automatgevär runs out of ammo, it seems at about that time all my ammo for the Granatgevär also disappears.

The fact there was another player isn’t too relevant, I’ve had ammo disappear in single player sessions as well, here’s a single player session where you see my rocket ammo go from 3 to zero, but I don’t have a shot of the inventory screen for this, you have to watch the ammo counter.


Wow, that is very detailed! Thanks, I’m sure it’ll help a lot!


Regarding this topic i can add what I found out.
If you stop looking through the scope of a weapon there is a certain amount of time where you cant switch weapons. This time is longer then the animation of taking the gun away from your eye. So when you press the key for another weapon while this time span the command will simply get ignored.
Oh and another thing is that you can switch weapons and during the animation you can press the key for another weapon. The animation will switch to your last ordered weapon/item. I dont know whether this is a bug or a feature but in my opinion this doesn’t have to be changed. We can say its a feature :wink:


Great thread.

I’d like to see a merger between the two different 9mm types. The m/40 pistol isn’t represented in-game, thus this makes zero sense.

Also, the game needs much more significant rewards for doing quests.


Carniv0re i absalootly love the bugs youve put forward.Ive got a feeling you dont like them bugs either lol.If they make what youve put forward priority and it works meaning no counter-acting crash or bug.Im sure most of the community would crack a smile.I love it.