Things that should be included in the "Finished Game"


As a Gamer and a Survival enthusiast, things that i would like to see included in the game are as follows:

Wild animals - perhaps a new feature that allows you to hunt and eat.

Coms - A game where you can communicate over a microphone would be great. Maybe spin it as you and your team start with “walkie talkies” or something.

Better in game mechanics - being able to peak and lean around structures would be great.

Body Armour - that can be created or scavenged.

More variations in the bots - different types,.

A mode where you can play against progressive enemy waves with your friends.

Being able to create weapons - Petrol bombs, improvised explosives all that jazz. Perhaps have an option to pour petrol around enemies and that light it to confuse their sensors.

Tents - to sleep off the night ( if in a safe area).

More enemies in general - nothing really felt to difficult in the game when it came to defeating bots.

Vehicles - being able to drive,ride and fly would be a nice touch and could bring a new element to the game.

More general destruction - grenades blowing apart buildings and bullets cutting down trees. being able to shoot the legs of bots to immobilize them.

Being able to shoot through walls in houses and sheds (with higher caliber weapons) on bots. Bots should be able to shoot through walls back at you also. The idea is to make structures not as safe as it was pretty easy to hide out in them.

More aggressive bots - it was too easy to run from enemies, longer chase times and distances. Definitely more hit points on bots and an up grade to the damage of their weapons. It was to easy to take risks like running straight in with a shotgun knowing the SMG on the bot wouldn’t do a lot of damage.

Just wanted to say well done guys, great start.


I definitely agree with the idea of adding more bots. After a while, even though the bot designs are cool, it felt “same-ey” because I would see the exact same bot over and over. I want the feeling of fear and awe like the first time I saw the really massive bot walking around in the wild.


New bots will be coming to the game in the future, as this is the beta the devs have left out quite an amount they have planned as to not spoil the story too much for us. :slight_smile:


I think they should add that, if you get shot by a bot then you would be wounded and you couldn’t run anymore until you or one of your friends/allies heals you. And you could lean to another player or the player would carry the wounded player in order to escape faster from the shooting or bots.


I feel that adding cars and the ability to hunt would take away from this games over all goal


Pretty nice ideas overall. I’ll go into a little bit of detail about your current suggestions and the chances of them happening. I’m a Moderator who has been a enthusiast about the game before the beta, with that being said I am speaking on behalf of what I know and not representing Avalanche studios.

Wild animals I did ask this question inside of one of the streams that the Community Manager (Graham) hosted. I was told that there most likely won’t be anything other than the birds which are already in the game. This studio has another game called The Hunter Call of the Wild where you hunt games. In Generation Zero you are hunted instead of being the hunter. I feel as though the studio does not want the games to overlap with each other.

I would call the game more of an adventure game than a survival game. It does not have a lot of survival mechanics and I find it to be more of an adventure game, you could call it a survival game but the mechanics are very soft on the player.

Better in-game mechanics I’ve seen it suggested a few times and I’m all for it if it’s going to help reduce the amount of deaths I’ll end up with! I did feel as though that was one of the missing features in the beta.]

Comms Yeah would be rather nice, I’m always a fan of VOIP. If you don’t want to hear your team mate muting is always an option.

Body Armour I do enjoy the idea of body armour adding a lot more depth to the game instead of choosing what just looks better on you. On the flip it’s probably best to keep the game quite simple.

I feel as though adding this would add a lot more replay-ability for when you are your buddy’s are bored. Or something to do just when trying to just release some time. I don’t think it’d really fit into this type of game, I could be totally wrong though.

Maybe not so much of a crafting system but being able to find more weapons to distract your enemies is a must. I must admit those flares are beautiful when thrown but a bit more could be added.

More enemies
There is lots of new enemies constantly being announced on streams, you should for sure check out the Generation Zero Youtube channel. The beta was just a taste of what was to come. It was also the easiest section as not to punish the player at all and let them experience all the mechanics of the game. Different parts of the map will have harder difficulty.

WOW! This has to be one of the most suggested features. So I’ll try my best to give you all the information on this, There has been a lot of suggestions before and after the beta for vehicles to be added to the game. With so many suggestions one of the hot topics is bicycles which is heavily suggested and won’t be completely game breaking if added. Allows you to absorb your surroundings and the immense danger the game is meant to make you feel instead of you racing past all the robots in your mustang. :’) My opinion is that the development team may add a bicycle but most likely not planes & cars as not to ruin your immersion in this vast world and allow you to explore more. Vehicles generally just add a shortcut and you miss out on lots of awesome features.

General destruction
I’m always a fan of destruction and it fits into most games. Regarding robots they do take damage depending on where you shoot them and it also decides what kind of loot you will gain from taking down a robot.

Aggressive bots
As stated before it was the easier section of the game I expect them to be a lot more dangerous later on. Them chasing you for longer would be nice however the developers would like running to always be an option.

That ended up being quite long but hopefully it gave you some insight. :slight_smile:


Good points, and some good insight from Pronto. :wink:


I’m sure that each one of us has his thoughts and wishes for Generation Zero (I also find one or the other point interesting) but I hope that the developer team is not too oriented to the wishes of the fans and instead make the game that they really want. So that we all can enjoy an unique game in the end and not have some 0815 buggy early Access Survival game. (p.s sorry for the bad english)

Ich bin mir sicher das jeder von uns so seine gedanken und Wünsche zu Generation Zero hat (auch ich finde den ein oder anderen Punkt interessant) aber dennoch hoffe ich das das Entwickler Team sich nicht all zu sehr an den wünschen der Fans orientiert und stattdessen ihr Spiel so programiert wie sie es wirklich möchten. Damit wir alle am ende ein einzigartiges Spiel geniesen können ^^


Thank you for your input. Can’t wait for the game to be released.


I know lots of people want animals in the game but I feel that even if they could implant them in the game, but do you really think if humans with tanks and heavy artillery couldn’t survive the robots do you really think animals could survive them?


Animals would have a much higher chance of surviving, they would be more likely to leave the area that the machines are in as to prolong their survival, they have a much better fight or flight response than we do.


I agree and i would like to have some NPC’s these kind if worlds tends to feel very lonely without any other charachters cept other players and enemies, i think it could be implemented in some good way, even if its just a short meeting or if the npc dies or somehow disapperears it adds to the feeling of surviving, open world games without npc’s tend to get boring the atmosphere just feels empty. And som rant in swedish: snälla lite npc’s skadar inte det blir tråkigt efter tre H om det är helt tomt på andra människor, att möta nån iaf vid en cutscene gör att känslan av att allt kanske inte är kört iaf större, om man tror att allt är kört är det lixom ingen mening att kämpa för nåt alls? Bad erbjuder ett liv i enaamhet i ständig kamp mot maskiner som vill döda dig? Att ev träffa nån, eller iaf se någon på avstånd nån gång som kan tända en gnutt hopp, ge en förklaring, kanske har det där questitemet etc ger SPELANDET lite mer mening än den enklaste typen av överlevnad det går göra öppen värld spel ödsliga och ödesmättade även om man kanske inkluderar en trasig rädd överlevande gammal stöt som gömt sig i en jordkällare nånstans och lyckats överleva på potatis och blåbär, kanske vet han nåt om nåt med, huahua


They were talking about other npc’s in the game in a stream. They seemed to be holding back a bit of info.


This game is not running properly on my iPhone X. Is there any iOS version? I am facing iTunes error 9. Please help me.


How would a big game like generation zero run on a phone I don’t think it could handle it.


Things that should be included in the finished game , i think the answer is in the question .


I agree with you, most of those things would be quite amazing to see in the “Finished” Game.

It would be dope if they added a MOD, which allowed you to “Re-build” a part of a minor city or w/e. (Not free-building) Pre-built, kind of just upgrades as you run missions to collect stuff for the town etc. Get the opportunity to add “NPC’s” to protect the city and so forth. Giving it a whole new aspect that obviously would be time consuming, yet fun. (This would be randomly placed, and you’d have to find it as you roam around.)

Also, I justed wanted to say well done guys and best of luck.


Hey that there is a good idea , maybe when the games been out for a while and most players have end game insight , that the devs would keep us playing something like your idea of resource gathering base fortification , nice


Yo that’s some nice ideas, I had the idea of a plane crashing revealing away off the island to an even bigger one were everyone escaped too. By the way haven’t played yet but will very soon so i don’t know what story there is yet. But you fix plane and cut scene shows you flying to other island and other island has LOTS of CONTENT. Idk it was just an idea, anyone think this could be a decent idea if fleshed out? Love the visuals of this game but all reviews say the same thing… content


This need more attention. I agree with everything.