This game needs this stuff!

Me and my friend have been die-hard of this game for two years now so we think we have some requests to the devs;

More vehicles. We all ‘love’ bikes. But we believe a wider variety of vehicles would be well received by the fan-base

Perhaps some more robots?

Crafting would be nice!

I know this games engine can’t itself as is, but base building, on a simplified scale would be a welcome addition

Better support for console

More 80’s themed weapons, i like the experimental class, but we’re saying, continue to add more time suiting arms.

More customisation for private servers ( ergo, to be able to set day-night cycle, frequency of higher tier enemies/loot and being able to toggle friendly fire.) This may sound op but if you change it too much trophies will be disabled.

i know this is a lot to ask, but we love this game and between us we have about 115 hours on it. We have sat through bugs and game-breaking glitches, but we love it to bits, and would love to see an new update and see it resurrect the player-base.

Right so I these answers are probably going to be the most likely

I’m assuming you mean cars and other related vehicles? Have you ever noticed how durable cars are in game? They blow up you shoot a couple bullets at it, so against Hunters? Most players wouldn’t really like it. However if there was bullet resistant cars, like the truck in FNIX Rising, then they might work. Players have also asked for more off road vehicles because the bikes in game are street bikes, so I think we’re going to get mountain bikes.

New machines are expected, but the thing is, what kind of machines can you add into the game without making them look stupidly futuristic. If you want to look at some concepts, look here [SUGGESTION]New enemy types - Remade

Clothing Crafting is already in the game… Do you mean like weapons? I could totally see some makeshift weapons that you can craft in-game.

In my opinion, there is already enough safehouses in-game. What would probably happen is upgrading said safehouses into making them actually safe. Because something about only having a tent or a shipping container as a safehouse doesn’t seem very safe to me…

Like what do you mean? I’m a PC player, so I don’t know much.

Yes I agree, same thing with the machines, here’s a suggestions post New Weapon Ideas

I like the day-night cycle and friendly fire (This will be fun with friends), I don’t like the frequency of higher tier enemies/loot, as it, in a way, is cheating.