New Weapon Ideas


This is a little off topic but… anyone else felt the need to add a laser or a bayonet onto weapons for fun or usage. This is just something I would like to see in a future content update. :slightly_smiling_face:


I would be happy to have a shotgun with a magazine instead of manuly putting each shell into it


Yeah, a belt fed semi auto would have been my recommendation on the Exp. Shotgun choice.

Oh - and while i’m here…I think its about time you looked into attaching sticky flares to explosive / EMP / Chaff rounds that are then shot out of the m/49


Remotely detonated bombs would be useful to set off traps exactly when you want to without giving away your position or when a robot get in the way of the gas tank.


Automag .44 AMP from the 60s and 70s

like a boss


Not really new weapons but…

What I’d really like to see are magazine extensions for the two hunting rifles. Imho +1 to +5 rounds would lead to a even better usability of the two silenced “sniper” rifles in the game.

This game needs this stuff!

Or another use for their bullet types. Some sort of semi auto carbine rifle would be nice but pretty sure that it has been mentioned before.


I got an idea for a weapon that just might fit well in GZ’s world.
This is the “Madsen” light machinegun. Invented in Denmark in the late 1800’s.

In Gz, it could serve as an LMG class weapon with a low capacity, but a faster reload speed. It could sort of bridge the gap between the AG4 and the KVM 59.
Other than that, I think the gun just looks awesome!



The Möller PP is easily outclassed by your first Klaucke, and becomes useless later on. One way that it could be improved is for an experimental Möller that is able to shoot full-auto, which might help make it worth it for players to give it a second chance.


As I mentioned in another thread, I’d rather see an SMG that fires Möller ammo.
Although, an experimental Möller could be cool too.


Well…I would like to see swedish FM 1957-60 (mid/long range 7,62 semi-auto rifle),swiss STGW90 or it’s carbine variant (SIG 551 LB) and SAR automatic shotgun Striker/Protecta for CQC​:sunglasses::+1:Also,remote control C4/Semtex explosive,homemade bombs (C4+propan tank),rifle grenades will be useful as well :thinking:


I keep saying to myself that the EMP needs to be a better weapon and feature of the game.

A previous thread regarding the old grid system got me thinking about how much I used to use EMP rounds, and now just don’t bother. I’m thinking like maybe…a Branball Bat, experimental version that’s special attach is to jump in the air and EMP the ground causing a pulse around you.

Like that epic scene at the end of the Matrix.


@AliasDJA I feel the same, i no longer use EMP devices it´s almost useless, a grenade Launcher with Emp and explosive rounds would be the solution.

Maybe this:


@Avalanche_Bjorn - who’s keen on new weapons designs in the office…? Though’s on this recommendation from @Mr_A1992 attached.


I don’t know if this would work with the spirit of the game, but I thought that some unique weapons would be cool. For example, Old Bettan would be called Old Bettan, and would have a unique ability, like shooting an extra projectile when firing buckshot or birdshot. These unique weapons might be upgradeable, or progress with your character, so that there would actually be a decision about what weapon to use when acquiring better quality weapons of the same type. Perhaps they couldn’t gain the ability of experimental weapons, so that they wouldn’t be too OP. I would also love the ability to name weapons too.


Yeah, unique guns would be cool. Maybe they’d have alternate textures as well, just to make them clearly distinguishable.


Another weapon that uses .44 Magnus ammo would be nice


@Neko Lever-action rifle! Those are common in .44 magnum. :wink:
Or like my previous suggestion:


Instead of asking for evermore weapons, we should firstly get rid of the errors, and then bring all machines on par with the players.
Machines just cannot cope with us, being mere rabbits, so to speak, than tigers.

Next, we should get more machine types (not CLASSES, mind, types).

And then… we can see about getting new weapons.

How about that?
Feel free to answer as you see/feel it, but please keep it polite. :slight_smile:


Yes,dude,fully agree with you:)Firstly,we need to fix most of bugs,to make a game nice and smooth,after make new enemy types (mbe hybrids-human/machines :thinking:),and after…get more explosive to make wonderful fireworks :joy::joy::joy: