This needs fixing!

so for a quick story time i was deciding i would go hunting today get some recourses and maybe lvl up i left the safe house and this happend… you cannot tell me this is balanced. btw it should be mentioned i started recording 20 after i started fighting at first it was 5 hunters where i spawned then i whent after the tank got destroyed and more stuff was spawning i spent more recourses in just surviving then i actually gained i also used before recording my gold rocket launcher and 18 missiles trying to disarm its guns, all hits barely scrached hi. fix this balancing issue, i dont think i have ever been so insulted in my life…

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First of all, you’ve every right to be frustrated, but please mind your language while on the forums.

Secondly, it would help your case if you made the video public.

oh sorry i wasnt rying to say any bad word its mostly to had expresion also my bad forgot to make it public

Don’t try to disarm tanks weapons with rockets the do a lot of area damage but very little to the thing they hit .


well i spent around 18 rockes wich was what i had at the time and 2000+ 760 ammo this game needs a balance update xD rockets and 50 should do a hole lot more dmg then they do ATM

Watched the video now. You’re engaging a whole pack of Hunters and a Level 3 Rival Tank out in the open with no cover, and complain it’s too difficult?

Sorry, but this isn’t a bug, it’s a poor tactical decision.

If you want to discuss the balance of the AI that came with the April Update, this is the thread for it.