THREE achievements that won't pop

Platform: XB1

Description: Three achievements that won’t complete, 2 main missions that won’t complete

Two main missions: ‘Flying Objects’ and ‘Lost and Found’ will not complete. (See image showing i have done everything and got all mission items). This is stopping IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN from completing.

This achievement won’t pop even tho I’ve Finished The Command Bunker Network (so done at least 7 bunkers), (see image)

Achievement won’t pop even tho I have killed 15 Harvesters. (See image.)

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Specifications: Xbox One X, GAMERTAG: MiZ Dove


Hey pal word is on flying objects go back to house with plant pots and shoot all four pots on front of house that should sort that one out , go here a Dev explains :point_right: Here cheers :+1:


Shoot all pots on the property of the Flying Objects that you search the key from.

Yippee-Ki-Yay can be fixed by having a player join your session and kill Harvesters themselves. Kudos of my brother helping me with that bug.(Anything someone kills in your session or vice versa carries for all players) My brother was killing enemies counting towards my kill count.

Tunnel Rat I uploaded saved data and ran the bunkers and if achievement wasn’t earned I reset my saved data prior. Took two resets but it finished it and I got the achievement. Keep in mind a bunker has to be cleared thoroughly of enemies or else it’ll break the mechanics at least it does this on my PS4.

Trophies are broken but they can be worked around. The only two I cannot complete is Lost and Found(All main missions trophy) and the apparel trophy(Which I think I may know the cause but cannot complete due to bug)

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And what about lost and found mission?

I believe the error of the mission is destroying the stashes before acquiring the note in the truck with the explosives. My brother as well as 6 others grabbed the note then destroyed the stashes and successfully beat the mission. I destroyed the truck before acquiring the note which leads me to believe breaks the progression of the game’s mission mechanics for Lost and Found @Magic. I as well as 3 others grabbed the note last after destroying them and have faced the completion error of the request. All is marked but the mission is unregistered as completed. Hopefully this assists you, unfortunately the mission is broken until a fix comes out in a later update.


I have been able to complete Flying Ojbects by joining a friend’s game when he was doing it. Didnt know about shooting the pots until after.

Yippie Ki Yay completed eventually. It appears that the ones i killed in friends games didn’t count. When looking at my own stats after it popped, it said 15.

As for Lost and Found, the devs said they are planning to fix that with the next patch. I’d like to know when that is, but it’s encouraging to know they plan to fix it at some point.

As for TUNNEL RAT - This one has me BOILING MAD. The devs say they ‘cant reproduce it’ so they closed my ticket and refuse to respond. I have empty warboards on all bunkers except Uttern because of Lost and Found bug, but that still leaves 6 bunkers complete with all objectives checked and all mission items acquired.

I have all achievements except for TUNNEL RAT and IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN (I’m assuming due to Lost and Found bug), including all from DLC, and it’s very discouraging that they are choosing to ignore the TUNNEL RAT BUG.

I’ve sent them screenshots showing that I’ve completed the bunkers, and that the achievement has not popped. "Not able to reproduce it’ is the dumbest response. Of course you can’t reproduce it. How do you reproduce something that is NOT happening that should.

REALLY MAD about it. Guess I’ll make a Youtube video all about it.

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Wait… all enemies must be cleared in the bunkers? I can’t say for sure that I’ve done THAT. In fact, I’m pretty sure near the end, all I did in the last few was turn on the power and locate, read the warboard and accept quests, kill anything that happen to get in my way. I guess I better go back to each bunker and make sure they are clear. How FUN. I will report back if by some chance, the achievement pops. Thank you for the tip

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I don’t think that’s the case.

@RighteousTheory I also did not grab the note in the truck and my mission Lost and Found is stuck as well. I would say you found the issue with that mission.

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Flying Objects can be complete, as the devs explained in a previous thread, by shooting and breaking all the flower pots outside the house where the mission is supposed to end. Lost and Found we just have to wait until they release the fix even though they said they have already fixed it. We just don’t get a hot fix and have to wait for however long it takes them to put together a giant update.

Flying Objects is not a problem any longer.

Lost and Found - at least they recognize and are going to patch it net update. Im cool with that.

Tunnel Rat - is the problem. This achievement will not pop for me, as i explained in detail already. And this is the one they are not recognizing and the one i’m pretty annoyed about.

Hey @MiZDove :wave:

Thanks for reporting! The next patch that goes out should contain…

  • Fix for “Tunnel Rat” achievement not unlocking
  • Fix for “Lost And Found” mission not completing

So, with the next patch you should hopefully not have these issues any more (And IF they for some reason still aren’t working correctly feel free to comment on this thread and @ me).

Thank you for your patience, and sorry for the inconvenience! :pray:

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