Three Wheeled Update Date Reveal - coming 12.12.2023

Get ready for Östertörn’s newest mode of transportation: The Flakmoped!
This modified moped features a flatbed for carrying goods… or in this case, friends.
Along with it come various bug fixes and improvements, as well as new Companion names!
Out 12.12.

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Not what I expected, but fulfills some of the demands. A motorized vehicle that can be used by two players. Great :+1:

Can’t wait to test it.

Are there just a few different colors or will there be modified versions, too?

What about speed? Like the Moped or slower/faster?

And most important: How is the handling like? Is it an option for offroad battles?

I’m excited to read the full patch notes. I guess we’ll see them on 11th, one day before the update?

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That hunter seems different… :coffee:


will it work for AFK players :slightly_smiling_face: sometimes AFK’ers need a little boost

Feel free to use AFKers to re-enact “Weekend at bernies” anytime

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This is great. I can’t wait to drive @SR_Carni of a cliff.


sometimes multiplayer people are just standing there AFK, away from keyboard, and are just as Dead as Bernie :rofl:, put them on the new vehicle when there AFK, then have some fun with it, lol

will the driver have 3rd person view, while the rider having 1 person view, lots of ?, anyway, the most interesting dlc yet :upside_down_face: cant wait to see the trailer

Looks like the rider can shoot also? Repair/fuel up like a motor bike? That will be a game changer. It isn’t more base building, but using these things as a base defense weapon would be interesting. I could see the Devs adding crafting different accessories to the flatbed, small weapons mount, first aid station and so on.

NOTE: I like this sort of an announcement on a regular bases. Even if it’s not about updates being released.

What happens when it crashes!? Both players ragdoll down a cliff? Guessing both players will drop health. How complex is getting back on and going again? We have 7 days to wonder! :thinking:

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Same colors as the other vehicles
Default Flakmoped has the same speed as the moped, 50km/h
Same handling as the Moped

If you want to go off-road, the Reinforced Flakmoped DLC is the way to go

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this looks awesome, I can’t wait to kidnap my friends.

hello I just have a question what are the dimensions of the tick plushie ?

You can see it here:

More cargo , sounds good , glad I’m not sat in the front as the bullet sponge :laughing:

First thought: can I hit small enemies on roads with this one? :japanese_goblin:

With one of the DLC ones, you can hit and kill machines with it. This one specifically


Depends on how the game behaves.

Sometimes I can wreck runners (and my own companion) by driving through them with my motorbike, sometimes my motorbike gets damaged and I fall off of it.
Don’t know why.

where are the new colors gonna be, for the 3 wheel, are there gonna be 4 colors like the moped, green, blue, yellow, red, & will the reaper also have a color

Want to get even more out of your new three-wheeler?
This DLC introduces three specialized variants of it!
🛠️ Utility
🐏 Ramming
🌲 Off-Road
Available on the 12.12. for $6.99 or comparable regional price.

— Generation Zero (@GenZeroGame) December 7, 2023