Three Words: Double-Barrel-Shotgun

Yeah the game has a semi but what if there was a gun that took away all tactical-ness and could destroy enemies in two shots, tanks being six. I think this game could really use a double barrel because, to me a robot being shredded to bits by a shotgun is oddly appealing. I don’t care how the developers name it, I just want it and know a lot of you do too. there could be an option where you can switch (like auto to semi) from both shells to just one shell firing. I like the guns already in the game but I wish I could kill machines quicker with them. going along with shotties couldn’t there be a military grade shotgun ammunition type, only gained from rivals or military bases.
I put out a few ideas here and would like to know what the rest of you guys think, maybe put your own shotgun ideas out there too.

tryin to be imaginative,


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