Ticking noise that comes and goes and comes back

was shooting and killing machines while next to 1 person and sometimes there will be a ticking noise and it’s not the ticks there is no ticks around.

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What do you mean by “ticking noise”? Does it sound like there is a tick next to you or is it another kind of noise?

I have a problem like this except it’s the sound of the magnum infinitely reloading

This one?

It sounds like a typewriter, and it can vary in pitch.

No that sounds like when a chair gets stuck in a door, buy I do have that a lot too.

But the one I was talking about is diffrent.

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Is this the sound that you are hearing?

I’d be looting an area then a scurrying noise appeared and I checked for ticks and there was none in sight and it’d jump scare me as I’m roaming around

Merged with an older thread. I believe this is an issue related to physics props :thinking: