Ticks have been lootable since yesterday?

Since yesterday I noticed that you can loot the ticks? But they have 0 with him? And 99% of them just disappear before you can loot them? Is that normal? Or a bug?

From what i can gather this is from the secret introduction of “gnome ticks”.

It’s probably just some carry over from their loot tables, i wouldn’t read into it too much as ticks likely won’t have loot tables outside of the gnome variant.

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I haven´t seen one gnome in the whole game? When appears the gnomes? At my game are nothing gnomes

The computer driven by the generator in the fortress in the woods (sounds a bit like a Danish nursery rhyme) is powered by a ticks battery. This tick is also lootable, but the loot (a pair of glasses) disappears when picked up.

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It appears in ostervik, and is more common in multiplayer than singleplayer, so if you don’t play multiplayer much you likely won’t see it!

And true @IanForce but that’s more of a set piece, which if you notice from various set pieces around the game they have a different loot table than the machine spawns :wink: