To all fellow XBOX players


9am UK time. I’ve booked the day off, in fact all 4 of us were all ready to meet yesterday to FINALLY take down all 256 L4 rivals we had all been saving for this very update, which have been in limbo since June.

But this has gone too far now, it’s just not acceptable. The post yesterday was meant to be a positive start for gamers but it’s an absolute mess. This evening I am going to start putting all of the bugs, issues, and problems this game has caused since the update and hot fix - and is going to them directly.

Below is the list I have complied over the past 24 hours through the Official FB channel, Xbox FB specific channel, discord, Twitter, and of course here. If there is anything here you are having issues with directly that I have missed, please reply below.

  • Fast travel crashing
  • Plundra in Multiplayer crashing
  • Multiple KVM59 use during multiplayer gameplay causing crash
  • Fireworks & Fiework boxes causing crashing on use
  • Environmental explosions causing freezing to dash crash
  • Apocalypse Harvester purple haze causing freezing and dash crash
  • Ghosting 3rd, and 4th players when invited to game from host
  • Disappearing landscape post battle solo play
  • Machines still ghosting through buildings
  • Game play lag in general
  • Gamertag’s still not able to get past load in screen
  • Crash to dash after attempting to join multiplayer through main menu

Test goes live this evening 10.30pm GMT if anyone wants to see for themselves.



Please put this here as it was created for this purpose Thank you [Xbox] Game crashing reports post hotfix


No, this is my own thread - not the generic one that is ignored.

Contribute or don’t.

I leave the choice to you.


I’ll respect your decision considering I’ve these same issues but I’d like if you could at least post something there to help people identify further issues and if not I respect that as well.


The Post Hotfix crash reports thread was created for a fairly obvious reason. People should report their issues there, but I’m willing to keep this topic separate if you can explain exactly what it’s purpose is and why it doesn’t need to be merged.


I’m looking to look into individual situations, try to replicate them my end - record them, then get them all properly into the bug reports using them the proper template.

I’ve not taken on bug issues - but considering the scale of this time, I feel I should take a look


Okay, good to know. We’ll keep this topic separate; people can post their issues about the crashing here, and hopefully that can keep this thread tidy.


Yes of course, once I’ve got a (agreed) list of combined issues I will add to - I’ll forward it to the bug reports via template with video link, then feel free to lock her up.

I’ll tag back in once tonights test run is over


It sounds like you are making a video clip or a stream for bug documenting purposes/ repoduction? Is that right?
If so, where will you be posting or steaming?

Add to the list:
Placing down gas bottle or fuel cell, and picking it up causes instant crash. Or placing bottle or fuel cell down and making anything else explode causes crash.



Damn it sucks cause I’m gonna be in school when u guys purge! Welp, may RNGesus favour you, and bless your drops!


Thank you to those who have messaged me direct, and via Xbox.

The video is done and edited - which will be on the channel this evening. From there I will pull the issues individually into the bug reports with necessary time stamps on the video.

Watching back last night, there has also been an issue with the stream itself following crash only giving me audio for the last 10 minutes. There was a noticeable crash / noise on load up 8 which I feel was the cause but will add stream crashing into another issue if it continues.

There was nothing of any new concern, only another additional crash while in multiplayer - I would imagine by the weekend the core issues will all be into the bug report logs.


Error 404.1 is now uploaded, and bug reports issued with log.

I will be looking into working with another forum member this week looking into multiplayer specific issues, as well as general gameplay crashing.

For anyone that is having specific issues in multiplayer, on Xbox, please add the issues here and will cover them on the next crash report.



Multiplayer specific issues to address @OBiW4NSHiNOBi

*. Generic log-in while in party

  • Invite from host in game to secondary player at a dashboard ( game not loaded )
  • Invite from host in game to secondary player in solo game ( game already loaded )
  • Machine combat while both player at different points of the map
  • Machine combat while both players at the same location
  • Machine combat at a fixed point, with both players coming from different locations
  • Plundra issues during both players using the same one
  • Emoji crashes while in co-op
  • To look at collectibles, weapons, and high loot areas causing crash on load in Klinte, Fiskebeck & Hagaboda

Video to also include open conversation and dialogue regarding current state of the game on Xbox.

Anything else that would like to be looked at - please reply below.



Morning to all those still hanging on.

The final attempt and identifying the ongoing issues was very successful last night. We also came across a number of new ones that will be forwarded using the bug report template in the specific thread.

A multitude of past issues, and new that I will put together in the usual fashion presenting Error 404.2 - some point in the next 24 hours. This will be the last contribution until these matters have been addressed, and fixed.

The final instalment also includes commentary from both me and @OBiW4NSHiNOBi regarding the past, current, and future plans for the future of Generation Zero.

I’d also like to directly thank all the community within the forum for their support during my time back with Generation Zero. I have really enjoyed making all the videos for the channel, getting my first trolls to the channel, and the ongoing feedback I get from the Xbox community.

I will resurface once the hotfix, has been fixed.


[Xbox] Game crashing reports post hotfix

Thank you for the update, and will be looking for the Gen Z update for my X BOX. Keep up the good work.


Two replies moved to proper topic.

[Xbox] Game crashing reports post hotfix is for bug reports and for them alone. Any discussion replies in there are either deleted, or merged somewhere else.