To The Lighthouse Side Mission Won't Complete

So doing this side mission, Objective Destroy the machines partrolling around the house. And when I do that, nothing happens. Still leaves that icon on there and doesn’t complete. Anyone else have that problem or solved a way around it?.


Thanks for reporting this :slight_smile: it’s a known issue and will be resolved in the future.

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Yeah I feel bad actually as I should of looked it up first before posting as I saw others actually suffered from same problem. Still a great game and love seeing it slowly progress and being fixed more and more :slight_smile:

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It’s poor design plain and simple, there’s a few missions buged because of this type of mission design. If you don’t happen to travel a certain way to get the mission and instead just roam around exploring you end up screwed

It should be that if you clear a mission location wile exploring and don’t have the mission all enemies should Respawn when you get the mission and return.

I have tried respawning the enemies multiple times to complete this mission. The bug might be to do with the fact that I had already been to this location and unlocked the lighthouse as a safe house, prior to getting the mission.

See my other (more detailed) post about this.

It is now mid August and the bug still has not been fixed. Or at least I have not received any update for Xbox that fixed it.

the June update focused on main missions, July had no updates due to the dev team being away and if things go as planned, the upcoming August update should fix the side missions like this one.

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I am looking forward to completing the game 100%. Its been a great game so far.

This might be related to the OP. I have just completed this mission but there was no journal to read on the body of the scientist. I can click on him and “read the journal” but the slot in the side mission inventory where it probably should be displayed remains empty. I could click on his body multiple times but not actually read the journal so I will never know what he wrote.

Platform: PC
Description: Missing item “Pettersson’s Journal” in inventory of side mission “To The Lighthouse”
Steps To Reproduce: Play the side mission
Images / Videos: See attached
Host or Client: Single player game.
Players in your game: 1
Specifications: i7-9700K CPU @ 3.60GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.6GHz - 16Gb RAM - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 - 8Gb VRAM

Don’t know how this will fit in, but I was able go to the house and pick the doctor’s journal up without having the mission, and it didn’t complete it either. It just vanished.


I’m really just itching to know what’s written in the journal - anyone seen the contents?

Here you go, @Saddletank :slight_smile:

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Many thanks. Wow, that is not what I expected. The plot thickens.

I just completed the mission. So it completes now after picking up the journal. However, I did not read the journal when it prompted me to, and now it does not appear as mission item still. Seems the bug fix was not complete.

Discussion can best be continued in this thread.