To The Lighthouse Side Mission Won't Complete


So doing this side mission, Objective Destroy the machines partrolling around the house. And when I do that, nothing happens. Still leaves that icon on there and doesn’t complete. Anyone else have that problem or solved a way around it?.


Thanks for reporting this :slight_smile: it’s a known issue and will be resolved in the future.


Yeah I feel bad actually as I should of looked it up first before posting as I saw others actually suffered from same problem. Still a great game and love seeing it slowly progress and being fixed more and more :slight_smile:


It’s poor design plain and simple, there’s a few missions buged because of this type of mission design. If you don’t happen to travel a certain way to get the mission and instead just roam around exploring you end up screwed

It should be that if you clear a mission location wile exploring and don’t have the mission all enemies should Respawn when you get the mission and return.