Toggle Aim Assist


Aim assist is on by default, in game. There is no option to toggle it on or off.

While some players may welcome aim assist, it presents a notable disadvantage when dealing with strafing enemies, as the AA will slow down your rotation speed as you rotate to catch up with a strafing opponent.

It’s small, but has resulted in many a death. Further options to toggle aim assist, hud, rebind controls on console, etc would all be welcomed with open arms.


Aim assist is something i have never understood why it is implemented on the newer consoles in the first place. Are the console controllers really that inaccurate that game devs have to give players more of an edge?

Note: i don’t have any consoles (i’m PC player) and only console i ever had long time ago was NES.


Some players like it, but I personally don’t. More often than not, aim assist will be counterproductive for me, pushing my sight away from the designated target, or causing me improperly aim in other ways.

Again, some players like it, so I believe that a toggle option would be beneficial.