Triangle button bug ps4

Platform: Ps4 Pro

Description: When I’ve (host) used the binoculars against Lynx and tried hacking by pushing the triangle button it didn’t work. Insted it took me to the Log menu. And if I’ve used binoculars I couldn’t use triangle to access the previous used weapon. It would take me to Log menu. I had to activate with wheel two weapons in order to be available to Quick switch with triangle. And the bug was there the entire game. Did a restart and it carne back again after I tried to hack a Lynx it was in north Coast region in the area around Alby? Church or something like that.

Players in game: Host plus 2 clients.

How to reproduce: Not sure but try hacking russian machines in north coast region.

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I have the exact same issue and just posted.

I’m really starting to hate this game. The Triangle button is only meant for “weapons swap”. Why is it every time I go to hack a machine or swap weapons, it takes me to my Log?

Tried it by myself now with my 3rd character (a Hacker) just a few minutes ago.

I didn’t have this issue.

I selected the binoculars from my wheel, watched through it, changed back to my pvg by pressing triangle, and back again to the binoculars with triangle.

Then I selected a target and hacked it, pressed triangle to switch to my pvg again and killed some robots.

Does it happen every time or just under specific circumstances or at specific locations (maybe inside a resistance base during a base defense)?

Are there any not yet accepted/closed missions or prompts that might pop up?

In general if there is a new mission there is such a small box in the upper left of the screen that asks you to accept/activate it (Cross), to open the log (triangle) or to close the prompt (circle).

Can you provide a short video of when it happens?

Can confirm, also just randomly started happening to me. I was at the airbase and ran away as I was being chased by the Tanks in there. Started running Southwest until I encountered some prototype /army harvesters. Wanted to try and hack one of the military class ones in here and it suddenly sent me to the log screen tutorial page. From there on any time I’d press triangle (in any other screen) it sent me back to the logs.
No real need for a short video I think? It just one page, boom log screen.

I actually have the same problem as well, you can use triangle to quick switch gear and for whatever reason at random when I press triangle (usually in the middle of a fight) it straight takes me to the quest log and has resulted in my death a couple of times now. Have you figured out how to fix it on your own or is this just a bug with the game I gotta learn to live with?