Tricks i've learned along the way

Good initiative! :slight_smile:

I’ll fill in with a few of my own:

Although carried explosives are currently nerfed, those found in the world still deal damage. Pick up a lure, place it by a car or gas station and just shoot when enemies draw close. The Grenade Launcher also works great at this for lesser enemies that often appear in large numbers, like Runners.

Churches! The organ can be used several times to play different tunes, and act as a lure to draw enemies in. The bell in the belltower can also be used for this.

You even can get up on the roof.

What else… Oh, Bus stops confuse Hunters.

Lastly, if you hear Ticks in a house you can shoot the electric box outside of the house to kill them. It’ll blow out all windows and make a big boom which may attract enemies, but it works :boom:


Oh cool ! Very thanks for that @NewShadesOfGreen and @Zesiir.

Ohh man i was so sure no one thought of shooting the bell in any church. And i knew about the roof too! Last night when i started this topic i planned to do a video about it this morning. GG though. I’ll upload anyways.


first thing i did when i saw the bell was shoot it to see if it would make noise

I’m sure now that this is public, those tricks will be patched out of the game in the future because it’s not as it was intended. lol

EDIT: Not meant to be a direct reply to you @Zesiir but rather to the OP.

You think they just neglected the fact that jumping doesn’t need stamina? The devs must be astonished by the fact that gnomes pop up when shot. Or what exactly do you think it wasn’t intended? Opening 5 doors in 2 seconds? “Hmm, let’s patch that and make these idiots struggle with opening everything in general so they can get mad, rage out and uninstall”. The content Xezr posted yeah, it wasn’t intended and might get patched. Or blowing yourself onto some island you are not supposed to be. Developers know gamers are inventive af. It just seems to easy or to dumb to just disregard or let slide the fact that you don’t need stamina to jump. I mean i hope i’m right. Lol.

It’s indeed weird that jumping doesn’t require stamina, though since it’s hardly a gamebreaker I don’t think it’s a priority to correct right now :smile:

There are many small concrete buildings filled with supplies. You can open them without lock picking skill.
The first one is near Salthamn. There is a key on the right (by the boxes).

Unfortunately that key does not work on supply buildings that are inside bunkers.


You gotta be kidding me, I just passed it by so many times because I lacked the lockpicking skill… :man_facepalming:


Yes. I found the key for that one too. But it looks like it’s the only one that has a key. Or at least the only one that has a key hidden next to it. There are around 15-20 storages like this one outside in the world and a few more inside bunkers and never found keys for them. And i looked.

Tis is the one key to open them all :wink:

…except for the ones in the bunkers.

Hmm i am sure every time i opened one a bobby pin was used. Weird.

I checked. I can confirm that i use a lockpick hairpin every time i open one of those doors. I also made sure that i picked the key by going back to the location of it. At least for me is using lockpicks.

I’ve completed the game without lockpicking skill and was able to unlock them.
Maybe lockpicking has higher priority then keys? :thinking:

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that storage building even had a SMG in it

Do you know if the Loadout Storage Key is supposed to work on only the small buildings or the bigger ones with multiple doors also?
I picked up the key and went to one, the prompt used to say locked but now says hold to open but it does not let me open it

No, no. Only the small ones.

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I know this thread is back in June of 2019 and I just now seen it, but I learned a couple things since I started playing.

You can sprint in any direction, makes great for dodging projectiles and melee attacks. Or to simply keep an eye on the enemy while back peddling.

Shooting and destroying the fuel cells on Runners can cause a chain reaction against other Runners or exploding objects.

If you find a weapon of same grade or below and need ammo, check to see if that weapon already has attached ammo, remove ammo and drop weapon.

You can shoot through windows and doors open ajar.

Will post more things I personally learned that helped me survive, gotta go to work! :grin:

If you know there are enemies behind a bunker door (by using the OPV module for example), you can shoot straight through the door with the Exp. PVG 90 and kill them (and possibly with other weapons as well?).

Haven’t tried explosives yet, but that may also work.

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Okay I got some more tricks! :nerd_face:

Utilize Flares and Fireworks to lure those pesky deployed Ticks, if they have been out long enough they will destroy themselves.

Thermal Vision highlights machine Armor and Components. Dark blue or black for Components, yellow or orange for armor. This helps if your toon is designed for dealing damage to those categories specifically.

Tall propane tanks (mainly in warehouses) have the largest explosive radius (that I know) and will set off all electric panels near the explosion. Do not be near them during a mortar attack, use them to destroy large groups or powerful opponents. There is a specific warehouse in the South Region that has multiple military runners and hunters inside, shoot an electrical box and watch the sparks fly!

If you think you are going into a fight that may be over your head, place a way point to a fall back area, or use ammo boxes / med boxes as indication.

If you are in need of supplies, re-scavenge old bunkers you have explored. Most abundant in resources.

Deployable propane tanks are most found in warehouses.

That is all I can think of for now!