Trophies and missions not working

Hi. I have a problem finishing the mission To the Lighhouse. When I reach the location and fight off the machines the mission don’t continue/finish. Also I can’t start the mission located in Kålleby and the game says that I have found the mission in Tångekil but I havn’t. I’ve searched for it but havn’t found it. Also I can’t get the Sapper, One Shot, Fashionista, Elementary or Go-Getter trophies. I play on PS4 and have finished the main missions and I lost count on 25+ world missions plus all the other categories.

Thanks for a great game so far even with these small problems.

Update. I manage to complete the mission in Kålleby now but the rest of it is still the same.

Welcome to the forum, @Mannfred93. It’s been a while since I did that mission, but if it’s the one I’m thinking of, I had a Runner spaz out and run off along the shoreline. Plus, there are Ticks in the house, iirc, so one of them might have fallen through the world.

With any quests that have a ‘kill all machines’ objective, yet fail to progress, @Erkawest’s pre-v1.03 advice still rings true.

If you still can’t get it to work, then post it in that thread. It’s pretty much the broken quest master list for the entire forum; and the devs check it.

As for the bugged achievements, Fashionista is still bugged apparently, while Sapper and One Shot will trigger, but not necessarily after the conditions are met. That sucks. Which means you have to keep blowing things up and one-shotting Hunters (the recoiless rifle does not count, apparently, but killing a damaged respawn does).

Worst of all, I don’t believe Elementary is retroactive. Which means a whole new playthrough is required for those who have already completed that mission. :frowning:

Yea it seem like I have to hold tight and wait. But with the mission in Tångekil it could be that I missed the name in the list and have done the objectives before I found the mission trigger. Do you know the name so I can check if I done it Vasadema? I’ve planned to play it again any way so hopefully I get the trophies then :slight_smile:

The mission you receive in Tangekil is ‘Safe Harbor’. You start it from reading a note on a fridge door. It tasks you to go to Fiskeback and retrieve supples.

However, I believe it starts automatically if you go into the centre of Fiskeback.

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been alot in Fiskebäck before so I’ve probably already finish the mission then. But that’s another thing on ‘the list’ to check off as completed. Thanks so far :slight_smile: