Twitter-Talk - rumouring about hidden messages

Todays tweet seems a bit mysterious:

Wondering how many Floppy Disks it takes to store a human conscience

Probably at least 3

No image (like a meme), nothing more.

Any ideas, for what it’s good?

My first idea was, that it’s a teaser to a new story mission where we find out that there are discs with van Ulmers conscience (not sure, was it him who transfered his into the machines?).

These discs will have to be found to become able to reprogram FNIX (or for something else).

There will be at least three discs.

Why would there at least be three disks?

Forgot one line of the tweet.
Edited the quotation.

To unlock a lot of bunkers in GZ you have to find 3 disks on machines to gain access.

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Those were no disks, but cards with bunker entry barcodes. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, but maybe the system could be the same.
Find (at least) three discs to become able to change the code of FNIXs mind.

I don’t know how that would work for the story. I think the story is slowly showing us that FNIX isn’t really Evil, but is just doing without emotions what he has learned to do, only to survive. If we would find three diskettes that allowed us to change FNIX’s code would that then be the end of the story?

Maybe we can find three diskettes with information on them that was gathered during the days after Svante’s brain surgery until his death, that shows us some deeper thoughts of the merged Svante-FNIX mind, and thus adding to the story.

For instance there were many diskettes laying around in Veronika’s house, and It would be great to have some of them be readable via a working diskette station, to provide us with yet untold lore.

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Don’t know what @SR_Carni is up to. Even us testers are being kept in the dark.

I don’t get hyped much these days, but… It’s a bit exciting. Clearly he knows something we don’t.


I’m also curious if there was supposed to come an announcement this week - or if it will be after Carni returns from vacation. :grimacing::sunglasses:

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There will be one this week, but like I said on stream, it’s nothing huge


I can neither confirm nor deny such a statement


Another piece

Wonder what FNIX did to FNI - FNVIII🤔

Ok this one’s assuming, “IX” in FNIX is a roman 9. What could “FN” mean? Or is it known? If it’s a number, the others could have been older versions… Maybe there are three discs of each version of a conscience which finally ended in FNIX?

Or it’s just a riddle which ends in a steam-key for a DLC and we now have two numbers of it… 3 and 9 in my opinion.

FNIX means FOA Unix System. The play on the Roman numerals is IMO just meant as a joke.
At least he keeps us guessing… that’s a :sunglasses: thing.

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Interesting, as with the conscience, is FNIX going digital and infiltrating the proto-internet? This could point to the fate of all the abducted civilians and the way machines are controlled? The end of the main game plot leaves these questions open…

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There is a Mission that leads you to this special house. A girl cried.
Someone was sleeping on the couch. :thinking:

4 Questions:

What is the mission name?
Whose house is this?
Who was most likely sleeping on this couch?
How many floppy disks are found during this mission?

We found something on a floppy disk we recovered from a machine. Are we clear to upload it?


Once again something about a floppy disk…

There is something new on X

F1U-FF-Y Protocol engaged.

What it could it mean?
Sounds like a new danger…

a Fluffy danger huh? teddy bear mech’s?

possibly a new (or old) holiday event

where’s the radios that give these messages, someone mentioned it before, but I forgot