UI Changes Request

I would like to present a couple QOL ideas for the UI. These are just things that have popped into my head while playing and I wish existed.

The first thing is I wish there was a button at the top of the player inventory lists to switch between simple and full modes. The full mode is what we see now with all the information needed for an item. The simple mode would just listing the item name, quality icons if applicable or quantity if applicable, and that’s it. The reason I wish for this is because when you are loaded with loot and you are trying to switch things into your slots, it just seems to take an unnecessarily long amount of time to scroll through and view everything to find what you are looking for.

Which brings me to my second request.
The assign to slot button and shortcut key is fine… but I would also like to skip a couple steps. I would like to simply highlight an item (of which I can quickly find since my lists are in simple mode) and press a number key for that slot. If it’s the incorrect slot type, then make an error sound or something.

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