UI, UX & HUD suggestions

So currently the UI feels very simple. It would be nice for it to resemble the setting. It’s also quite clunky with what feels like default UI audio cues. I would love this to look and feel more presentable. I really feel this is the part of a game that is all too often left on the back burner - but it is part of the game that meshes everything together.

The visual guides in the HUD are all a bit obvious. I’ve never really understood HUD mechanics on these kinds of survival games, why would you have one? Where does it come from? Sure, you pick up a HoloLens in the game and then it makes sense. Why not have a compass you need to look at with a map? Does that really make the game out of reach to the ordinary gamer? Another HUD feature that I’m finding quite irritating is the AI’s intention visual - the building white/amber/red arrow. Can the mobs not have a greater variety of animation and audio cues to give us the clues we need? It seems here we’re getting our hands held through a game that feels as though the intention is for the devs to not want to hold our hand but are doing so to comply with standard gaming tropes.

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