Unable to complete Main mission Science of Deduction



Platform: PS4 PRO

Description: Unable to complete Science of deduction

I was doing science of deduction mission and after locating the FOA base i have reached the bunker door.

Then the door open and the mission won’t continue after the Objective - locate and enter the underground facilities.
I have played this mission on pc and I’m pretty sure it should be locked and it should ask me to check the pc logs around the facility and then a key in a car at parking.
But this is not happening at the moment when im playing on my PS4 pro.
I have reinstalled the game and tried couple of times closing and openning games but didn’t work.

I need help here i can’t start whole game again i have played like 5 times so far and I have all good special weapons on my charecters which I cant loose.

Any suggestions or workaround to fix this bug please?

Steps To Reproduce: Enter FOA facility and checked the car before reaching to the bunker door

Images / Videos:

**Host or Client:**I was playing as single player on my own

Players in your game: 1(Myself)

Specifications: PS4 PRO

Science Of Deduction (Collapsed tunnel)
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Have you completed Behind the Curtain as well? You need the keycard you get from that mission to enter the bunker at the FOA facility.


No I havent, and some how im able to enter the buker.

A while back I went inside and checked the ground floor rooms. Nothing found yet though


There’s a key that you find in Svante von Ulmer’s car that opens a locked room at his house. Inside that room is a keycard that gives you access to the lab inside the FOA bunker. It’s basically a detour you have to take before you can get inside.


Yeah, im pretty much aware till that part, actually i have played this around 5 times on my pc but never finished the behind the curtain mission. Thistime when i got a ps4pro i tried and some how without all those things its opening. And the science of mission doesnt continue after second objective.
Now im stuck there without further progress in main story.


That’s weird. Good that you reported it then, it sounds like a serious bug.


Yup. But I dont know if someone from GZ team will notice my post and give a solution to my issue.
Hoping if they respond and provide a solution.
I have all good loot on my charecter. So dont want to replay again after playing for 5 time already.


The team read the forum justabout every week. I’m sure they’ll notice. But should this issue pop up again for other people in the near future, I’ll send it along to the devs myself.


Thanks. But little worried if I would get any workaround fix to continue with my current charecter or not.
I really dont want to loose all the good special items and replay the game.


You can drop items and have another character pick them up. Just make sure you have your new character ready before you drop it from your main.


I tried with 2nd and 3rd characters to see if that makes any difference but had no luck.

If i dont have any work around or fix from GZ team, to start a new game we need to delete all the charecters.


Sadly @Venu_Uchiha its gonna be either misson pregression tracking, or something that has tied it up on Update June or July then. I have had no issues with any main, or side quests - mainly because i played the whole thing offline from scratch.

Lets prey, that Tuesday finally solves the problem.



did I messed up something with this mission? Everything inside is destroyed :thinking:
as I understand it was reported and acknowledged by the dev team, however it doesn’t seem to be fixed for me

Any ideas?

do I need to make a new thread?



This issue seems different to the one in this thread so yeah, make a separate bug report :slight_smile:


Hi there. I think I have the same problem in my game. It’s because I finished “Behind the Curtain” after “Science of Deduction” mission. :sob: Some SPOILER for both missions below, explaining what’s wrong:


Both mission use the bunker door and in science of destruction the door is locked and impossible to open. In behind the curtain you are able to open this bunker door and, when you finish it and blown up the whole complex, the door will be unlocked and you never be able to finish Science of Deduction…

I didn’t see this issue in the bug report list, Maybe because most of the people finish Science… before Behind the Curtain, but I believe it should be in the list as well. What do you think?

I hope this reach development team!


Problem solved! The mission was redesigned. Perfect! :star_struck:


Got the same problem! The doors Just opens, and the inside is caved in! Already did the behind the curtain mision! So cant progress in the science of deduction mission, since the door Just opens, and i do net get the message to go loock for clues!


The mission goes perfect, it is possible to win the mission


Not fore me… The doors opens! And the inside is colapsed! And since the doors open, the mission does not progress! And the marker is inside the doors, not on the outside! Found a picture of how it looks! I play on a ps4 pro


You are right! It should be closed and you are not supoused to be able to open it right away! When you get to the door, the objective should change, so you can find the rest of the clues to open the door! I got exactly the same problem! The door opens, and the waypoint is inside of the doors… I am also on ps4 pro.