Unbearable Lightness June Update Bug issue

After the June update, a new bug issue has cropped up. After turning on the power in the bunker, any attempt to activate the side mission is unsuccessful due to the radio indicating “No Power” when attempting to interact with it. I’ve tried resetting bunker power switch without success. I’m on an X-Box One running version 1.06.56.

Hey xspfdbc, here is the bug report template you can use to submit bug reports :slight_smile: Thanks for participating in the GZ community!

I’m having the same issue.

PC: Intel4770, GTx 1080ti, 16gb ram**

/ Johan

Same issue here … No problems before June update. But
good job for all improvements.

Same problem here. No power.

Having the same issue on PS4

Same issue here on PC.

Same here, I cant get the quest eaither

And me as well. I think we can safely say all platforms are currently experiencing this mission bug. The devs are aware of this issue, and it’s one of the many things looked into for a future fix.