Uncontrolled aiming with controller

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When aiming the sights may begin to aim up or down not under my control. Happens periodically but not all the time. Other people I was playing with also reported this happening.


I’m having the same issue with the Xbox controller ill be running somewhere then all of sudden my character starts aiming down the sights with out me pushing the trigger to aim. Sometimes it would do when im just standing still

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It could be related to the dead zone controllers have.
Further reading from here: PS4 please add Analog sticks dead zone support/setting

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When moving my character along the map if its walking or running at times the character would just aim down the sites of the weapons he or she is holding without me touching the aim trigger. I tried to unplug the controller and plug it back in to see if it was a bad connection it still does it. I don’t know if it has something to so with it being a wired controller or not. Would like to see the issue fixed so I can keep enjoying the game.

I’m using a wired controller I could try recalibrating it see if that does the trick

Yes yes! I had this issue, sometimes caused by leaving your game in limbo and returning. Clear cache, restart console…and restart game.

Ill give it a shot thanks

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oh ok anyhow i did a reboot to factory settings of my Xbox and recalibrate the wired controller that I’m using and it still doing the same thing it would just aim automatically without touching the trigger so what would be the next step i should try. Note I played other games and I don’t get this issue so I don’t think its the controller or the connection

My best guess, the issue is with platform or with controllers in general.

For example, i have never gotten any random movement/aim issues since between the two of us, there is one key aspect that’s different - i play with KB and mouse on PC.

While there are controllers for PC as well, i don’t have one. Perhaps someone who plays GZ on PC and with a controller can come along and shed some light in this matter. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have played this game on PC, with a xbox one wireless gamepad, for over 500 hours and this issue has never happened to me.

My guess is that some other games auto-calibrate the gamepad dead zones at startup and that is the reason youre not experiencing this issue on other games.

I would consider checking the actual aim-button, if there’s debris or dirt stuck somewhere so that the button isnt released all the way back to “non-pressed” position. You should be able to find gamepad testing software, that reports the current values of the buttons.
Maybe your left trigger is reporting a low value when it should be 0, or reporting something like 253 when it should be 255?

I have the same problem, it’s definitely because of the wired controllers even on the natural game settings it says wireless controller, I don’t think you can play the game normally with a wired controller.