Unopenable boxes

There are a lot of weird boxes around the map: hovering, intersecting with other objects,

or the ground, hell even a weapons crate “hidden” in/behind the drawers of a shelve.

I could post a whole series of screenshots from the first two map areas. But as hovering/intersecting items are a topic in other threads, I focus here on boxes I cannot loot at all. I post a screenshot of the box followed by a map screenshot highlighting the name of the compound (if I did not forget). I will also mention the name of the compound in text to make this posting searchable.

I encourage others to post unlootable boxes (or other items) here as well, but always in the same manner:

  1. Location name
  2. Item screenshot (Windows+Print saves it directly to your user profile’s “Pictures” folder, subfolder “Screenshots”)
  3. Map screen shot highlighting the location name (mouse hover over the map icon)



[more to come]

I understand now that this is just how these individual boxes spawned for me. Loot spawn layout is individual per player and there is no benefit of posting each single case.

From what I know, loot containers can respawn in different locations everytime you make a new session.
It’s still worth reporting, they’re obviously spawns that are misaligned so they clip into walls and objects :slight_smile:

Ok. I’ll keep screenshotting them boxes and will eventually post’em in the floating objects thread.

I’ll keep reporting unlootable map-announced weapons and other important items separately as bugs.

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Saltholmen Naval Bunker

Överby Gard Farm



i used to have them spawn in lighthouse windows way out of reach. drove me crazy

This is not because out of reach.